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Rogues Gallery >> CHARLOTTE KATES

Charlotte Kates

Charlotte Kates is known even among the ISM/PSM for her big mouth. In fact, she is actually brutally honest and openly has stated the real ISM/PSM agenda to the public unapologetically, even supporting Hamas. The PSM  moved the Conference from Rutgers to Ohio State because  Charlotte stated the ISM/PSM true goals to see Israelis murdered to make way for a Palestinian state.  Her advocacy for killing Israeli children as being justified by calling them "fair game" was even too much for the Rutgers administration that reacted by canceling the Rutgers PSM Conference by trumping up an excuse of "wrong paperwork." Rutgers couldn't try the Georgetown spin of "freedom of speech" because of Charlotte's open advocacy for murder.

Charlotte decided she was a Communist at age 13, so anti-Semitism fits with her Stalinist mind-set. The only difference between her and say, Adam Shapiro, is she isn't as clever at dissembling. Her sanity could also be in question since, as a one time adherent to Scientology, she stated she was reincarnated from a past life where she once killed her mother with a ray-gun.. She later turned on the Scientology Movement as controlling her mind. Charlotte is obviously of leadership quality and helps run New Jersey Solidarity and involved with a  Rutgers anti-Israsel group where she is a law student.

It's hard to decide whether Charlotte Kates is evil or just pathetically entertaining. This is her track record:

"Charlotte Kates, the organizer of the New Jersey Solidarity Movementó an offshoot of the International Solidarity Movementó has refused to condemn homicide bombings and other means of 'armed resistance.'"

Charlotte Kates has said that Israeli CHILDREN are "legitimate" targets for Palestinian suicide bombers.

  • She is an  avowed communist but would never live in a comunist society, relegating that to others.
  •  Spokesperson for the anti-Israel group New Jersey Solidarity .
  • Also was a  leader of Rutgers University's Palestine Solidarity Movement
  • Authored the article "Israel Has No 'Right to Exist'"
  •  Has said that Israeli children are "legitimate" targets for Palestinian suicide bombers

 Charlotte Kates is a spokesperson for the group New Jersey Solidarity. A self-professed Communist, she joined the Communist party at age 13 and her favorite book is State and Revolution, by Lenin. As of May 2004, the 23-year-old Kates was a law student at Rutgers University, and was also a leader of the Palestine Solidarity Movement on that campus.

Known for her open and virulent hatred for Israel, Kates is the author of an op-ed piece, "Israel has no 'Right to Exist'" which appeared in the Rutgers University newspaper, the Daily Targum. In December 2002 she wrote an article "Tension on campus," in which she suggested that the phrase is used by some on campus to describe Jewish students' unease and their attempts to silence pro-Palestinian activists whose "words are too political, their demands too principled, their activism too committed."

Kates asserts, "We have no desire to create an environment where racists may feel comfortable and secure in their racism; we very much want . . . to create an environment where it is, indeed, uncomfortable to declare oneself an unequivocal supporter of an oppressive, racist state. It should be uncomfortable. . . . There is nothing making Jewish students afraid to be Jewish on campus; nothing that is, except for those whose Jewish identity leads them to condemn the racist practices of the state of Israel. . . . May the tension continue to escalate." In short, Kates views supporters of Israel as racists who deserve to be harassed in the name of what she sees as "justice."

While organizing a Palestine Solidarity Conference at Rutgers, Kates told a reporter: "The Pro-Palestinian Forum stands for justice, peace, and equality for all peoples. Israel is an apartheid, colonial settler state. We're opposed to the racism and apartheid in Israel, and we believe no state has the right to be a racist state." In fact, 20 percent of Israelis are Arabs, with more citizenship rights than Arabs in any other state in the Middle East. Charlotte does not object to real Arab apartheid against Jews.

In September 2003,  Kates told the New York Times that "apartheid states" such as Israel "have no right to exist." Two months later, Kates publicly declared that Israeli children are "legitimate" targets of Palestinian suicide bombers. On November 26, 2003, she participated in an Ohio Sate University conference where she joined many other radical activists who advocated the destruction of Israel "by any means necessary." Kates attended the conference in a feather boa and a Kafiyah - the headdress popularized by Yasser Arafat.

Regarding America's War on Terror, Kates asserts, "The bloody trail that the U.S. leaves behind it is global terrorism. The so-called War on Terror is a War of Terror on liberation and democracy." Ahem....She also supports openly Hamas and its charter to kill Jews.

At one point, Kates' joined the Scientology movement, where she claimed to have learned that billions of years ago, in a past life, an evil space-based government had forced her to "zap" her mother with a ray gun.

http://home.comcast.net/~jat.action/ISM_info.htm "ISM organizers, however, occasionally forget to speak in code and actually say precisely what they mean. Charlotte Kates, leader of the New Jersey chapter of the ISM and organizer of the ISM's third National Convention, scheduled to take place on the Rutgers campus from October 10-12, explained that the ISM supports suicide bombing. "We support Palestinians' right to resist occupation and oppression, and do not feel that it is our place as a solidarity movement to dictate tactics of resistance to the Palestinian people. Why is there something particularly horrible about 'suicide bombing' - except for the extreme dedication conveyed in the resistance fighter's willingness to use his or her own body to fight?" (2003 by MidEastWeb and Ami Isseroff)

 Charlotte typifies the ISM/PSM .