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Rogues Gallery

Alison Weir- 21st Century Nazi Sympathizer

"If Americans Knew" the amount of fabrcated statistics and outright lies this woman puts out against Israel they would gag.

Alison Weir is from the San Francisco Bay Area and runs If Americans Knew. The divorced mother of three could not find a project to do after her husband was gone so took up the cause of encouraging the dismantling of Israel and the expulsion of the Jews. Her website contains false statistics and figures about the cost to America of supporting Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. She will have a table at the Conference most likely as in the past and provide literature of how the Jews really helped the Holocaust against themselves so they could create Israel. Does anyone hear the word, "slimeball"?

Alison wants US taxpayers to stop funding Israel, something that turns a profit for the US in increased technology and other benefits including medical breakthroughs. Allison would prefer tax dollars go the thieves in the PLO.

Although Weir resides in Northern California her nonprofit lists an address in Los Angeles. Arab funding perhaps? She bills herself as a journalist. But journalists write for journals that pay them, not hand out calumny against Jews and Israel. Weir is a Nazi, pure and simple. She has written articles for David Duke's Nazi website in the past attacking the Jews not only in Israel but America as well as an "oligarchy."