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Another Palestinian Christian Arab in the vein of the PFLP's pan Arab ideas is Will Youmans. Youmans, who is a graduate of UC Berkekey law school  and has also worked as a spokesperson for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization terrorism expert Steve Emrson has testified to Congress is a Hamas front and seen its leadership multiple times arrested and prosecuted for funding terrorism.

Will moonlights as a rapper called the Iron Sheik. About the only thing "iron" about Will Youmans is the space between his ears. Born of Palestinian parents from Nazareth (where the Palestinian Authority persecutes Christians and drives them out), Will's parents emigrated to Dearborn Michigan in 1973 where he was born (the real Al Nakhba).

Rappers like Will Youmans usually just talk the same tired lines over and over so the Arab mantra of destroying Israel to place the Jews under Arab rule comes natural to him. Of course, he'll never live in an Arab totalitarian state, nor ever experience the persecution of Arab Christians in the PA from their Muslim brothers either.

Asked his inspiration for his music, a diatribe against Israel, Will once said,  "I saw the parallels from the beginning. From the failure of social services in black communities, that reminds me of the Palestinians, that ambulances can't come and get these people..because of occupation and checkpoints. And if you are a black in this country or Palestinian over there, you are seen as a suspect."

Oh, sure,Will. Black Americans do not get social services nor ambulances when they need them. As for Palestinians and ambulances, they transport terrorists and bombs inside them. As for occupation--WHAT OCCUPATION, Will? The PA is not occupied by Israel save on the frontier to keep out the suicide bombers you might call martyrs in your "music."

What Will really means is ALL OF ISRAEL IS "OCCUPIED" and must submit to Arab domination "from the river to the sea." And Will,we at Stop the ISM ahve news for you: if the PA arrested suicide bombers and encouraged peace instead of being shaheeds of its population, there would be no need for the checkpoints. Of course, this spoiled little Arab boy raised in the US who fancies himself a "rapper" (that'll get you killed in Hamas' new emerging Islamic state of Palestine) doesn't worry about the truth as he speaks in ellipses to the useful idiots in the ISM.

Arab-Israelis who are not terrorists serve in Israel's armed forces, vote for leaders in the Knesset, own businesses, have the same rights by law as Jews in Israel. But Will wants you to think otherwise and will galdly lie to an audience to try and get his way. Call it Arab hubris. Meanwhile, Israeli-Arabs enjoy more civil rights than Arab anywhere int he world, including affirmative action programs in Israel.

Will, here's an Arab Muslim saying: "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." You are a Sunday person, Will,  and Hamas just took over the PA. What will you say if you finally get your way with Israel destroyed and the Jews driven out or massacred? Will you rap then?

Will recently wrote an article on the Web about investigative journalist Lee Kaplan who writes about the ISM and founded Stop the ISM. The article is below with our embedded comments in red. The "Iron Sheik" has  never concerned himself much with truth and only wants to see Israel destroyed, and that's all one needs for an Arab audience of losers anyway born outside of Israel who dream of the destruction of the Jewish state. 

Read on:

By Will Youmans
Originally published by The Arab American News

Washington - During the lead-up to the Palestine Solidarity Movement’s annual meeting February 17-19, a so-callwd (sic)journalist named Lee Kaplan has mounted a one-man crusade against Palestinian solidarity activists. His aim is to show that those working to promote Palestinian rights are not just terrorist sympathizers, but terrorists themselves.

Ali Omar, a Palestinian handler at the PSM Georgetown Hatefest, is a member of Fatah, a terrorist organization that recently killed two teenagers at a hitchiking post in the West Bank.  He's also a Captain in the Palestinian Authority Security Services, the job listed in Fatah for Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades terrorists. Fayyad Sbaihat, another PSM/ISM leader and spokesman comes from an entire family of PFLP terrorists. His two brothers Latih and Mohammed are well known PFLP terrorists. Lee Kaplan has never said individual ISM activists are terrorists themselves, but rather facilitators of terrorism and human shields for terrorists.

The PSM’s Fifth Annual Student Conference at Georgetown University (GU) will focus primarily upon skills-training for emerging divestment activists and campaign development for existing Palestine solidarity organizations. The PSM is the largest North American coalition of students, professionals, as well as religious and community groups advocating the implementation of boycott and divestment strategies in order to peacefully oppose Israeli human rights violations of the Palestinian people.

The Nazis started out "divesting" from the Jews also. The Arab boycott of Israel is illegal per US law but is not properly enforced. 30% of children and the elderly go to bed at night hungry in ISrael due to such boycott schemes despite the image of Israel as a modern country with no hunger (source: Mea Panim).

By putting forward blatantly false accusations, Kaplan seeks to confuse others observing the debate. Generating negativity is his goal, since it generally turns off most people interested in learning about the issues. In political elections, this is called “going negative,” a form of voter suppression. For instance, if one candidate sees that a high voter turnout will be good for her opponent, she starts slinging mud to turn the election ugly. Ugly, negative campaigns keep voters at home.

Pot, meet kettle. The ISM/PSM consists of lectures that tell blatant lies about Israel such as claiming Israeli arabs cannot vote or serve in teh Army,cannot live anywhere in Israel they choose, or are treated as 2nd class citizens.Anyone who ahs read Mr, Kaplan's articles know they are meticulously sourced.

Supporters of Israel prefer ugly political fights because that keeps interested parties turned off, which keeps Israel in power.

Nonsense. People like Youmans want Israel destroyed for a pan-Arab dominated state in its place.

In one article Kaplan wrote for a right-wing on-line magazine, he called the upcoming PSM gathering “another conference for terrorists.” His use of hyperbole is intended to convince the public that college activists holding a well-publicized meeting in the nation’s capital are actually perpetrators of violence conspiring to destroy Israel. There is little basis in fact for this. PSM activists clearly advocate non-violent tactics. However, stating the opposite of the obvious creates confusion, which benefits Israel by suppressing the movement’s growth.

Perhaps the Iron Sheet, er, Sheik, could explain where he found the quotation above that the PSM gathering was "another conference for terrorists"? Mr. Kaplan's articles are available at www.frontpagemag,com by clicking "columnists" then finding his name for a list of his articles. In any event, Mr. Youmans has shown he really is a liar more than once. The Conference could be called nevertheless"anothe conference for terrorists" since it included recruiting classes for volunteers to work in solidarity with terrorist groups overseas, with some lecturers admitting the organization works with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP.

None other than Fox’s Bill O’Reilly Factor was moved enough by Kaplan’s claims to feature him on his show on the night of February 9th.

In what might be a record, Kaplan managed to fit five lies into his opening sentence alone:

“Bill, the Palestine Solidarity Movement, which also goes by the name the International Solidarity Movement, is a consortium of American anarchist and communist groups allied with the PLO, and they’re on almost every campus in America today.”

First, the International Solidarity Movement is a Palestinian-led non-violent organization that “facilitates peaceful resistance against Israel’s military occupation,” according to Huwaida Arraf, a co-founder of the group. One of its main programs is to bring internationals to the Occupied Territories to witness and offer protection to Palestinians facing harm from the Israeli military.

Tsk, tsk, Iron Sheet, er, Sheik. Arraf admits herself ISM/PSM activsits serve as human shields for terrorist groups. She advises them though to use deceptive language and claim they are "peace activists." Peace activists do not serve as human shields for terrorists.

Despite some similarity in name and political outlook, there is no formal nor informal decision-making relationship between the two. PSM is not even linked on the ISM’s website. And the PSM’s website states explicitly, “[t]he PSM is a completely separate organization from the International Solidarity Movement.”

According to Adam Shapiro at the previous Ohio State Conference, the PSM and ISM are the same. The only difference is they call themselves ISM when overseas becasue they have had volunteers from other countries. Shapiro was recorded saying this. The attempt to "separate" the two groups is because overseas the ISM was involved in some terrorist incidents.  In addition, if they are not the same, why was Huwaida Arraf training and recruting at the PSM COnference for ISM volunteers to go to the West Bank,  why are donations on the PSM website made out to "ISM-USA" and why do their groups inside the US call themselves ISM-NY, Norcal ISM,  Washington ISM, etc.

Secondly, though this is probably more of a mistake than a lie, PSM, as a loose, student-led umbrella group in the United States, is not a “consortium,” which implies formal arrangements, commitment and structured decision-making. PSM’s decision-making structure is diffuse and informal, and is not binding on anyone.

The ISM follows the model of the Comintern. A Hydra's head of groups to further the Palestinian revolution wehre if one segment is shut down the otehrs can still function.

Third, the PSM is not made up of “anarchist and communist groups.” It is extremely diverse, bringing in Arab-Americans, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Israeli-Americans, religious activists, and people of all ideological stripes.

The majority of non-Arab members of the ISM are Anarchists and Communists. International ANSWER and the International Socialist Organization are a major part of the ISM. The Stalinist National Lawyers Guild is a part of the ISM. The Christian Palestinians who run the show are communist members of the PFLP, the Christian communist wing of the PLO whose charter provides the foundation for PSM/ISM dogma.

Fourth, neither the PSM nor the groups that participate are allied with the PLO. For one thing, the PLO has not issued a call for divestment, which actually puts it at odds with the PSM in some ways. The PSM is not formally attached to any Palestinian parties.

The PSM/ISM says it is "Palestinian-led" on its website. Shapiro at Ohio State admitted the ISM has plainclothes PLO handlers supervising direct actions in the West Bank.

Fifth, sadly, the PSM at its height was only on about 70 campuses. That number is less than it was since the war on Iraq started. There are more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Kaplan’s claim that the PSM is “on almost every campus in America today” is a patent lie.

The PSM consists also of the Muslim Students Union and Al Awda that account for a minimum of 150 campus nationwide. Other groups round out the number.

It’s surprising that O’Reilly takes Kaplan seriously enough to invite him on his show.

Smart man, that Bill O'Reilly.

At the last PSM conference at Duke University, Kaplan went covertly as a “Pakistani… carrying a fake ID and a hidden recorder.” As a former “television actor,” he asked questions in his “best Pakistani accent.” His disguise, according to him, was so elaborate, it took him two hours to prepare.

John Burness, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations at Duke University, caught him in the act of lying about his identity. He had to kick him out of the conference for violating the rules of conduct. Burness later wrote, “I have worked with many journalists over the years, but never have I experienced one whose behavior has been so outside the norms of recognized ethical and journalistic standards as Mr.Kaplan.” He pointed out that “his behavior violates just about every appropriate standard of journalistic integrity.”

As is typical of Youmans lying by writing in ellipses, readers should read Kaplan's article about the Duke PSM Hatefest, "Inside Duke's Weekend Hatefest" available at www.frontpagemag.com. Kaplan disguised himself as a Pakistani because the ISM/PSM does not allow recorders inside events so people can learn the truth about this subversive movement on US college campuses.Kaplan was denied entry as a reporter so disguised himself to get at the truth. The same way he recorded Huwaida Arraf admitting she works with terrorist groups.

Indeed, Kaplan’s credibility is nil. If I wrote about all the lies I found, it would take up a whole edition of The Arab-American News.

If Youmans would stop lying, he'd have to become a supporter of Israel's right to exist, but then he'd have to abandon his littlepan-arab hate club against Jews. Kaplan's credibility is just fine and he is a highly paid investigative journalist.

For Kaplan, this is not really about his credibility anyways. He, by practice, uses lies and distortions to make what could be a reasoned debate on serious policy matters ugly and repellant. He is going negative because he would lose a reasoned debate based on facts. By calling peaceful student activists terrorists he poisons what could be a meaningful debate. This is the anatomy of a smear campaign first-hand.

Mr. Kaplan has told us he will gladly debate Mr. Youmans any time any place and will be glad to show the world what a liar he is regarding Israel. He asked us to say we already showed Youmans to be a liar by our replies in this article.

Will Youmans is a Washington-based writer for The Arab American News.