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Mitchell Plitnick of Jewish Voice for Peace

 Mitchell Plitnick  helped found an Arab front group in the Bay Area called Jewish Voice for Peace. The name of the group sounds nice, doesn't it? It's mission is far different, although Mitchell has toned down his rhetoric to attract more useful idiots to his nonprofit that no doubt has become a good sinecure for him.

When JVP first started, their newsletter read like something written in the PLO propaganda ministries in Ramallah (and it probably was). Plitnick, who claimed to author it, even maintained it was doubtful that Jews ever lived in the Holy Land at all! He took that passage down when it was revealed to enough people that it might expose his organization for what it was meant to be: a front group to convince Americans that Jews support Palestinian goals to dismantle Israel.

Plitnick has also maintained on his website that the First Temple was a myth and that the Exodus from Egypt was also a fairy tale. His newsletters maintained that the Jews from Israel are really from Khazaria in Russia.

Today, JVP maintains it is for a two state solution, however, JVP ignores the Arab Catch 22 known as "The Right of Return" (al-Awda) that maintains even if a second Arab state is created next to Israel, 5 million Arabs must be allowed to go back into Israel's 1948 borders and live on the same spot as their dead ancestors. JVP frequently attends anti-Israel confabs put on by the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (wrmea.org) a front group financed by Saudi Arabia. At some of these events even neo-Nazis have attended but JVP doesn't mind the company.

JVP's "peace" group has attracted a fair number of useful idiots, Jews who know nothing of the history of pogroms against the Jews in the Middle East. At a recent anti-Israel event in Walnut Creek, California, Rosenwasser, a spokesperson for JVP told an attending college professor she knew nothing of the extermination of Jews by Nazi-allied Iraq before, during and after the Second World War. Rosenwasser may have been truthful about her ignorance. That did not stop her from writing a book that claims anti-Semitism is really just a tool used by Jews to oppress people.

The goals of the PLO are to separate American support for Israel. One way is to convince naive secular Jews that Israel is a pariah state that must be dismantled and starved out of existence as a moral imperative while its enemies are the real apartheidists and seek ethnic cleansing of Jews. Plitnick's JVP serves that purpose. Plitnick refuses to reveal his funding sources, but in the early years JVP had more Arab members than Jews in it.

Liat Weingart is Plitnick's partner in JVP. When asked at UC Berkeley why she would embrace those out to kill Jews, Weingart described herself as a "citizen of the world" who does not consider herself Jewish (unless being of Jewish ancestry helps to convince people to want to destroy Israel). That's fine on the surface, but Liat is also found on websites like Electronic Intifada that is not interested in citizens of the wolrd but in exterminating and deporting Jews out of Israel per the goal of Al Awda. Liat can also be found at WRMEA gatherings among the many anti-Semites there.

Liat Weingart .

It's easy to tell the difference between sincere pacifists and those who work as a front to make subtle war on Israel. If JVP was truly interested in a two state solution they would renounce groups like WRMEA and Electronic Intifada and have nothing to do with them. They would not attend divestment planning sessions to cooperate in trying to starve the Jews out of Israel. They would reject unequivocally Hamas. JVP does nothing of the sort, but seves as "Court Jews" for the PLO in America. Liat recently spoke to the Presbyterian Church to urge divestment from Israel on the website  Electronic Intifada that openly advocates the end of the Jewish state, and her partner Plitnick blamed the war in Iraq on Israel and the "neoconservatives" (Jews) in Wahsington.

Anyone who would buy that JVP is a Jewish pacifist group and not an Arab front is a fool.