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Rogues Gallery

 Adam Shapiro and his Palestinian Trophy Wife.

Adam Shapiro is a leader of the International Solidarity Movement. On their website he and his wife advocate "armed resistance" (in other words, killing Jews) against Israel. Adam is a great advocate of "peace". Of course in Palestinian terms "peace" means destroying Israel. Adam allowed himself to be a human sheild for Yasser Arafat when the IDF took over the Mukata after the Passover Massacre in Tel Aviv. Adam's ISM claims to be a peace activist organization but it's sole activity is interfering with anti-terrorist operations of the IDF. The murders of Jewish women and children by Arafat and his thugs seem to mean nothing to Adam. In his case, he doesn't even lend lip service to criticizing them. Note that Adam makes a nice career out of trying to destroy Israel. It's not based on brotherly love (except maybe for Arafat) and jets all over the world bashing Israel. Anyone want to guess where his funding comes from?

It is our goal to educate people so when they are presented false information by "peace activists" who promote terrorist groups overseas, they will know what they are dealing with.