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 Michael Lerner and "Tikkun"

Michael Lerner claims to be a "rabbi" and runs a "bayit" of Berkeley ex-60's radicals and other Leftists. Asked to show proof of ordination he never seems to come up with any proof. This is in part because his ordination was done by a hippie rabbi who combines Buddhism with Judaism. Most mainstream Jewish rabbinical organizations in the US do not regard such ordinations as legitimate.He preaches reconcilation and understanding with the Arabs then proceeds to blame Israel for supposedly being responsible for their fate and having to make amends. A visit to his Tikkun website has an animated sign soliciting money to "rebuild Palestinian homes". The "homes" he is referring to are domiciles destroyed by the IDF for being used for terrorism against Israeli men , women and children. While he claims to be opposed to the suicide bombings, his energies seem devoted to promoting the propganda line out of Ramallah. His Tikkun magazine has run articles claiming Israel was created by just European Jews who came in and stole the land from the Arabs. The facts are 55% of Israel's Jewish population were refugees from Arab lands in 1948, something conspiculously ignored in his writings.  Michael and his gang claim they seek "dialogue" with the Arabs. Too bad "dialogue" doesn't include raising money for Israeli bombing victims with lifetime shrapnel wounds from Arab terrorists. He tries to pass himself off as being pro-Israel and a voice of peace and reason but aids those whose motives are not so benign. For more on this guy go to www.masada2000.org . He is trying to expand his base on campuses nationwide as a peaceful alternative to the Mideast situation. Just be aware his information is designed to undermine the Israeli government's ability to defend itself and his movement also disemminated information through ellipses and even outright falsehoods. Lerner and his group have appeared at conferenes given by teh Washington Report on Middle East Affairs that is funded by Saudi Arabia.

You can check the sincerity of  groups like Tikkun by the company they keep. Lerner's people appear at WRMEA events that also host neo-nazis.