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See Terror's face
PA Treatment Of Arab Peace Activist

To view go to www.dafka.org/mmslist.htm . This is what happens to Arabs who propose peace with the Israelis or oppose the Arafatist thugs in Fatah, Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade, Hamas etc. The accused supposedly "cooperated" witj the Israelis; in fact, he may simply have owed a PLO bigwig some money. Such public executions are commonplace in the Palestine Authority and go unpunished. Next time one of the Arab groups on your campus talk about israel supposedly abusing human rights, ask where is their umbrage at such events as depicted here. Another note: some people ask why this was  filmed by the Arabs. The real reason is because theya re proud of it. It is a historical record to look at after they acheive their goal of dismatling Israel.