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Arab Front Groups

JVOP or "Jewish Voice Of Peace" is another group run by a former Berkeley 60's Leftist (what else?) named Mitchell Plitnick. While they try to convey a message of peace, a visit to their website could easily have been written by a Palestinian propagandist from Ramallah. Plitnick is trying to clean up his act by removing some of his earlier diatribes from his website against Israel. In the past, JVOP's Plitnick has written on their site that the First Jewish Temple was a myth and even maintained  that it is questionable that the Jews lived in the Holy Land at any time at all! This revisionist history is standard PLO propaganda. Articles are drastically slanted against Israel with suicide attacks by Arafat and the Arabs given only brief  lip service. Their site has links to many antisemitic websites and even  has links to the Arab newspapers that have claimed Jews use the blood of gentile children to make thier matzoh. Far from being a group seeking peace, the group is more oriented to undermining Israel's right to self-defense and advancing Arab goals to dismantle Israel. Students are urged to see beyond the false veneer of seeking another view toward "peace"as a ruse to undermine Israel's ability to defend herself. Such revisionism is rife in the JVOP website as they suggest nothing fair was offered by Israel at Oslo or Taba. Don't be taken in by the cynical use of the word "peace" to muster gullible Jews to work against Israel's security. Call JVOP and ask them if they are in favor of the "Right of Return" which would allow a greater number of  "Palestinian" Arabs to move inside Israel and outnumber the Jews as a means to dismantle Israel. "The Right Of Return" among the Palestinians means the right to live in a Jew's house and take a Jew's property. Recently, Plitnick boasted his organization received an "anonymous" donation of $30,000. DAFKA rather suspects this money may have come from CAIR or one of the other Arab front groups funded by Saudi money. JVOP recently opened up offices and created a job for Mr. Plitnick from which he claims 95% of his donations came from Jews. To this, we say "Prove it!". If these funds indeed came from Jewish sources, why not tell who or what they are? A website which purports to advocate "peace" above all, then blames democratic Israel for what is going on is intellectually corrupt. Want too be "DAFKA"?Call JVOP's offices and ask them their view on the Law Of Return. Ask them if they will condemn on their site the Palestinian Authority's refusal to allow Jews to keep their homes in a new Palestinian State. Ask them why they would link to websites that are both antisemitic and call for Israel's destruction.

Look for more articles on this group in the future and if you go to their website be sure to go all the way to the links in the back and see the sites they link to for a true perspective. Constant attacks on Israel are the order of the day. Links to the International Solidarity Movement, formerly an equaivalent to the Com Intern on our campuses will be discussed in the future.