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The above leaflet is dated November 1, 1956. It is an Israeli army leaflet during the Sinai Campaign, and includes instructions for Israeli soldiers preparing to invade the gaza Strip to put a stop once and for all to Gaza terrorism against the Jews in the Negev.

The headline at the top reads, "The Desire to Win is the First Condition for Victory." One would be hard pressed to come up with a better piece of advice for the Israeli political establishment these days, the same people who have been pursuing peace through appeasemnent and capitulation for almost two decades, insisting that weakness is the highest form of strength and that surrender is the highest form of victory.

It then reads, "Tonight Israeli soldiers will be breaking into the Gaza Strip, a living appendage of the State of Israel that was ripped from our own body."

Got that? Maybe someone should tell Olmert and his pack of Osloids that Gaza is part of the Land of Israel!

The leaflet ends with a call to soldiers in large fonts, "Strike the enemy! Then go back and strike again!"

No Kum-ba-ya?

Nope - those were the days when Israeli leaders were still willing to seek a military solution to the problems of terrorism rather than whine about how the Jews are being insensitive to the "Palestinian" Other. There were no Palestinians back then. Just Arab terrorists who did not even refer to themselves as a "Palestinian people."

Oh, if only we could go back to those days of national survivalism, instead of the weenie lemminghood that has been imposed on israel by its leaders! ---Steve Plaut.