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      We Israeli professors and lecturers whose salaries are paid for by
taxpayers and Jewish donors would like to express our solidarity with the
Hamas activists firing rockets and missiles at the schoolchildren, women
and other living things in Sderot, Netivot, Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, Ofakim
and in the other illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied Negev.

    We insist that the only basis for peace must be that the Hamas and its
associates be permitted to fire as many rockets and missiles as they wish
while the Jews must be prohibited from shooting back.  For this reason, we
will be taking to the streets and campuses this week to express our
support for the Hamas.  We will be celebrating the boats attempting to
break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip.   We insist that Israel open
the border checkpoints and allow sugar to be shipped into Gaza to be made
into Qassam fuel.  We insist that the electricity be left on in Gaza so
that the Hamas rocket firing crews need not use flashlights.

      We insist that the only legitimate way for Israel to seek the release
of Gilad Shavit is to grant the demands of the Hamas, to end all Israeli
security checkpoints everywhere, and to allow Hamas activists free access
to Israeli school buses, cafes, and restaurants.

      While it is true that every other group of people on earth is
entitled to exercise self-defense, we believe that Jews are exceptions to
this because Jews are morally, culturally and racially inferior to other

      Since when should Untermenschen be permitted to shoot back!  Anyone
with grievances about anything anywhere on earth should be allowed to
murder Jewish civilians as much as they wish.  After all, Jews everywhere
are morally response for the unforgivable crime of the state of Israel in
its existing!  So murders of Jews are simply collateral damage caused by
Israel's criminal decision to continue to exist.

       The best way Israel can achieve peace is to announce an immediate
unilateral decision to stop all acts of shooting back, no matter how many
Israeli civilians are killed by Palestinian resistance.  This should be
followed up immediately by decisions to withdraw all Jewish settlers from
Beer Sheba, Ashkelon and Ashdod, and these areas should be restored to
their legal Palestinian owners.  Only Ben Gurion University should be
allowed to remain since, after all, it is already a Palestinian school.

           We insist that Israel never use force whenever there is any
chance that any Arab civilians might get injured.   But since there is
always such a risk, in essence we demand that Israel never use force at
all and never defend Jewish civilians.   Defending Jews is nothing more
than a stage of escalation in the cycle of violence.   Defending Jews is
criminal behavior and Israel must put a stop to it once and for all!

      The only way to end it is by Jews learning to turn the other cheek
and by Jews turning their swords into plowshares.  All we are saying is
give peace a chance.



By: Steven Plaut
Archeologists in Poland have just discovered an amazing document,
uncovered from beneath rubble left over in what was once the Warsaw
A Letter and Call to Sanity for the Warsaw Ghetto zealots, from the Peace
Now chapter of Warsaw, April 23, 1943.
Dear Deluded Brethren,
A few days ago some zealots from certain messianic settler organizations
operating in Warsaw launched a series of acts of unprovoked violence
against the legitimate German peace partners directing peace-seeking
activities here in Warsaw. A number of German soldiers and officers have
been viciously murdered, while others have been maimed and injured by
these thoughtless religious fundamentalists.
Comrades, we must emphasize that these violent hoodlums are deluded and
are making things much worse for everyone else here in the Warsaw Ghetto.
You have to understand that there are no military solutions to the
problems of deportations of Jews in Warsaw by the Germans. Our problems
can only be resolved through negotiations.
We lovers of peace insist that, in spite of the claims of these messianic
terrorists provoking the Germans, there IS a partner for negotiations
among the Germans, and we Warsaw Jews DO have a moral responsibility to
conduct good faith negotiations with the legitimate representatives of the
German people.
In addition, violent attacks by irresponsible Jewish settlers in the
ghetto against Germans will only provoke a cycle of violence. There can be
no winners in that.
Don't these people conducting the hooligan violence understand that, if
they attack the Nazi troops and refuse to conduct negotiations with the
agents sent to us by the Third Reich, Hitler will lose control of his
forces and then some really violent anti-Semite could take over?
Besides, Hitler is really trying his best to rein in the more violent of
his stormtroopers; he simply cannot be everywhere at once. And besides,
the Red Army and the Eastern front have him so preoccupied that he cannot
act more effectively against the renegade SS terrorists mistreating Jews.
In addition, the Germans do have some legitimacy to their negotiating
position. After all, Jews in Poland have been illegally occupying numerous
Polish territories that really belong to Aryans! The Jews have established
themselves in numerous Polish settlements where they just do not belong
and their presence there has antagonized some of the local oppressed
Horrendous inequality has been created by Jewish racism, since the Jews in
Poland are better educated than the Gentiles here and Jews in Warsaw
earned more than non-Jews before the war. This manifestation of
anti-Gentilism must be redressed. We need some affirmative action to help
the Polish non-Jews advance in society.
Moreover, some Polish civilians apparently were victims of Jewish
pickpockets in Warsaw before the war. We Jews certainly need to pay
compensation for those inexcusable provocations.
Clearly the solution is two ghettos for two peoples. The Warsaw ghetto
needs to be shared. The Jews in one half must agree to be deported
peacefully from that half to other destinations, so that the Germans and
the Poles can have equal rights in the New Middle Europe. The Polish right
of return to the ghetto needs to be addressed. The entire tragedy that we
have experienced stems from the selfish inability of so many Jews to share
their property and land.
We repeat, violence has never solved anything. Violence only foments more
violence. The violent Warsaw settlers attacking the innocent Germans are
bigots and racists. They have wounded innocent bystanders in their
firefights. Not only that, but the ghetto zealots attacking Germans have
demonstrated insufficient sensitivity to the needs of non-traditional
families and gay couples. They have been insensitive to the impact of
their behavior upon the environment and the threat of global warming.
We need to speak out in defense of the human rights of Germans and Poles
in the vicinity of the ghetto. We must denounce the racist Zionist
hooligans and messianic zealots attacking those victims. Jewish terrorism
against Germans must be stopped. The entire crisis could be resolved if we
Jews would only recognize the legitimate rights to self-determination of
the Germans, especially the ones in Danzig.
We must begin negotiations at once. Those claiming that there is no peace
partner on the German side are deluded and they are the real obstacle to
peace. We simply have to give Hitler a chance. He just wants a homeland
for his own people and his fair share of our territory! In addition, we
should stop giving encouragement to that neoconservative warmonger Winston
Churchill. Doesn't he realize that his plan to occupy other peoples cannot
Let's take a lesson from our rich and wonderful heritage. The Bible itself
calls upon us to pursue peace.
Stop the shooting. Start the talking. Now!
Signed, Peace Now, Warsaw Chapter

3.  Statement by Israeli Professors for Human Rights and Justice:

      We, the progressive professors for peace and human rights and
justice, hereby condemn the barbaric Israeli attempt at preventing Syria
from producing nuclear weapons of mass destruction.   How dare those
Zionists violate Syrian air space and destroy the North Korean nuclear
facilities Syria was developing for peaceful uses.  After all, Israel has
nukes so why should not Syria under Asad get them also.  Fair is fair  It
is not like he was really going to use them on the Jews or anything.

     All lovers of peace must support the right of Syria and Iran to build
nuclear facilities and accumulate lots of plutonium.  It is the only way
to deter Israeli aggression and prevent Jews from abusing their
self-determination.   It is nothing more than containment of Israeli
colonialism and protest againt settlement construction.

      The Jews should defuse the situation by agreeing to live inside a
peaceful unified Middle East, one in which they would have nothing to fear
from Syrian nuclear weapons, especially if they convert to Islam.  Some
might even be allowed to visit al-Quds after the One-State Solution is
imposed.  As for those American imperialists, we make no promises.  As
long as America is no more than a puppet of the Israel Lobby, occupying
Iraq on behalf of Zionism, and controlled by Jewish neoconservatives, it
remains unsafe from the weapons being developed by the oppressed masses of
the progressive world.

       That being the case, we demand that Israel immediately accept the
suggestion already being made by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, that
Israel compensate Syria at once for the senseless attack by its air force
and give it replacement nuclear facilities.   Once that is done, we have
no doubt that Syria will open peace talks with the Zionist entity.

4.   A Declaration of Protest by the Women in Black, Machsom Watch,
Professors for Peace and Equality, Yesh Gvul, Taayoush, MAPAM, The HADASH
Party, and members of the political science department at Ben Gurion
University and the philosophy department at Tel Aviv University (2006)

We, progressive lovers of peace, are outraged.  How dare Ukraine pass such
a reactionary anti-peace law! The Ukrainian parliament yesterday passed by
a vote of 233 to 1 a law declaring that the mass starvation of Ukrainians
in 1932-33 constituted intentional genocide and was a crime against
humanity.  We salute that one dissident who voted against the
parliamentary atrocity.

Now we think that Ukraine has taken things out of context.  After all,
Comrade Stalin was merely defending the Revolution against
counter-revolutionary agents and saboteurs!   Had he not implemented true
equality in the Ukraine, all sorts of horrid things might have occurred
instead, such as capitalism and Zionism.  You cannot make a quiche without
breaking some legs, er, eggs.

But the worst part of this new aggression by the Ukraine against the
memory of Comrade Stalin, the Sun of the Nations, is that it might mislead
people into thinking that socialism cannot work and that dictatorship of
the proletariat leads to genocide.  Even worse, it might make people
believe that capitalism produces wealth and food for the masses!

We are workers (well, never mind that most of us do not have a job) who
have elected ourselves spokespersons for the working class, that class
that must exercise its total and exclusive sovereignty and power within
each country, including the Ukraine, Russia, and Israel.  We dream of the
day when we will all be as equal and free as our comrade brethren and
sistren in North Korea and Cuba, although Castro has been backtracking
recently and actually letting his subjects grow some food.  Besides, who
says people need to eat more than once a day, and what is wrong with a
diet of sawdust?  Look how happy the North Koreans are with it!

So we progressive peace-lovers in occupied Palestine demand that all
people of good will denounce not only Zionist imperialism and occupation,
but also Ukrainian aggression and war mongering.