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Peace Now to Pay and Apologize for Maligning Town
by Maayana Miskin Published: 12/11/08, 8:14 PM

(IsraelNN.com) The Peace Now organization and activists Hagit Ofran and Dror
Atkis must pay residents of Judea and Samaria and issue a public apology,
Jerusalem Magistrates Court judge Yechezkel Barclay ruled Thursday. The
group was punished for a false report involving the Samaria town of Revava.
Peace Now, Ofran and Atkis were sued for damages caused by a report
published two years ago. In the report, titled "A sin leads to another sin,"
(Aveira goreret aveira in Hebrew), Peace Now argued that most Jewish towns
in Judea and Samaria were built on land stolen from local Arabs. Among other
things, the report said 71.15 percent of the land on which Revava was built
was stolen from Arabs.

"The Fund for Redeeming the Land," which legally owns 100 percent of the
territory on which Revava is built, demanded that Peace Now correct its
false report regarding Revava and issue an apology. The group refused to
apologize, as did the authors of the report. The authors agreed to only
partially correct the mistaken claim regarding Revava, changing the report
to say 22 percent of the land was stolen, not 71 percent.
When Peace Now refused to apologize, the Fund sued the organization with the
help of Attorney Doron Nir Tzvi. The group charged Peace Now and authors
Ofran and Atkis with slander.
The court found the three defendants guilty. Besides ordering them to
apologize, Justice Barclay ruled that they must pay the Fund for Redeeming
the Land 20,000 shekels plus tax. The group's apology must be public, and
must be published in both Maariv and Haaretz.
"The time has come to end the serial lies issued by various leftist groups,"
Attorney Nir Tzvi said following the court's decision. "The public should
doubt any report they write." Nir Tzvi called on Jews living in Judea and
Samaria to "stand up for their good name" when facing false accusations from
groups like Peace Now.