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Dear Mr. President,

I am sure you have been made aware of the chant that has become popular among the Moslem terrorists of the Palestinian Authority: " 'abl es-sabt jib el-ahad" = After Saturday comes Sunday (or in a more sinister rendition: "el-yaum es-sabt, wa-ghadan el-ahad" = today is Saturday, tomorrow is

So today they exalt in their killing of Jews. When they are finished with the Jews, they will start on the Christians.

There can be no clearer indication of the Palestinian Authority's terrorist intents than Qureia's recent announcements. Like his predecessor, newly appointed Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia has stated unequivocally and unabashedly that he is unwilling to fulfill the key requirement of the U.S.-backed "road map to peace."

"We will not confront, we will not go for a civil war," Qureia said, according to the London Independent newspaper. "It's not in our interest.

It's not in the interest of our people, and it's not in the interest of the peace process....I will NOT listen to the Americans. I will listen to our national rights."

So he will not use force to rein in Hamas and other terrorist groups, even though that demand is sentence #1 in Phase I of the road map; yet he maintains that he still is committed to the road map.

"We are ready ... to sit with [Israel] to discuss reaching a comprehensive ceasefire," he said, according to the London paper (while his terrorists continue to blow up Jews?).

This is typical Arafat double-speak.  The kind that your predecessor experienced at Camp David II.

Like his predecessor, Qureia is nothing more than Arafat's puppet. Arafat, although holding power illegally (his term of elected office expired in January, 2001), is still in charge.  That is how he is able to appoint Qureia and 8 out of 14 Palestinian Authority Cabinet members...all known terrorists.

Mr. President, you are the single most powerful person in the world. You lead the single most powerful nation in the world.  You declared war on terrorism. You established the only valid doctrine for the fight against world-wide Islamist Jihad: if you are with them, you are against us.

You demonstrated the courage and insight to end the charade with Arafat. You have the power and the moral obligation to end the current lethal theatre of the absurd in the Middle East.

Now, please apply your doctrine to the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist leaders who scorn you, deride the USA, threaten the West, intimidate Christians, and murder Jews.....before more Jews die, before more Christians die, and before the terrorists' "Sunday" arrives.