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Dear Editor,
                     Hatred and Incitments in our Nations Schools!
 It is good that you are willing to educate the public about what is going on in Israel and worldwide, and also help shatter the common stereotype that all college students are "Peace Loving, Human Rights Activists." The first thing that should be done is that colleges should not continue being havens of incitement. Where everyone knows that they can say whatever they want, or demonstrate in any fashion and not be held accountable. On my campus, FIU (Florida International University) there are all kinds of Anti-Semetic propganda going around. For example, there were some Arab students who were members of the MSA, (Muslim Student Society) who did not like Israel's policy of having to defend itself inorder to exist. So instead of challenging it diplomatically, they protested in violent and inciteful ways. By first demonstrating with a picture of Ariel Sharon as a Vampire, and they did not get too much attention for that, so then the next day they showed a presentation on TV of how Israel is harming the Palestinian and they did not get too much attention for that either. So the day after that they showed a video on TV of Hezbollah and Palestinian gunmen shooting at Israeli troops, they did not get to much attention for that hatred and inctiment either. And what they did the next day even shocked everyone, including the head member of the MSA itself. They held up an Israeli flag, with instead of the Star of David they had a Swastika. And many Jewish students who attend FIU, have family members that are Holocaust survivors and who were shocked and emotionally injured by that event.
     About a year later, soon after the start of the military campaign in the Gulf, that was underway in order to oust the regime of Saddam, there were the so called "peace activists" that came to infest our school that day. They said that America is in violations of human rights, that no one pays attention of how America is killing innocent men, women, and children. They even went as far as denouncing the war in Afghanistan, which sickened the 9-11 victims who were in the Audience. They then went on to say that college campuses are where they preferably like to come to speak, inorder to because to them "Colleges are a place in order to express our thoughts and that not many places allow us to come and excercise our 1st Amendment right, and also that even Miami Dade University has barred us from entering and did not allow us to come in and to speak." This man was Mel Reeves, the head of the Miami Anti War Coalition, miamiawc@yahoogroups.com.
    It is really unfortunate the our nations schools have become a hot-bed of incitment and hatred towards democracies and the civilized world. Having riots in schools such as Concordia University of Montreal, University of Toronto, and UC Berkely when Benyamin Netanyahu came to speak. In which a small portion of the Arab population of those cities were against Netanyahu's right to excercise his freedom of speech and expression, and violently protested and rioted in which he had to cancel his speeches in all those schools. And in Montreal for example people were locked in the building for 4 hours, and not allowed to come out by the authorities in the fears that they would be killed by the protestors, the Arabs are allowed to excercise their freedom of speech so why aren't we? Also People who threaten our society such as Adam Shapiro or Terrorist Attorney Stanley Cohen, (who is currently suing President Bush and Chief of the Army Tommy Franks for the war in Iraq) are allowed to come and give speeches and incite terror and violence in our school. Saying that Israel is a Nazi state, or that the Mossad was beind 9-11, or that Palestinian's must take up arms against Israel. Lets see all those people go to all those countries that they "stand up for" such as Iraq, Iran, and the Palestinian Terror-torries and try to speak out against them too. It just sometimes seems as if they are taking too much advantage and abusing their freedom in our free democratic country.

Yatir Nitsani