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Tabling Materials

We recommend you visit the www.standwithuscampus.com website where you can click on flyers and signs and find a plethora of excellent flyers that "tell it like it really is". Eventually DAFKA will have our own flyers to download. Written news stories from the DAFKA website as well as commentary may be reproduced. We also recommend contacting Stand With Us for their excellent four-color brochure "Sometimes Things Aren't What They Seem". Contact us as DAFKA first, we advise you to have the brochures delivered to your local Hillel if possible to verify they are getting into the right hands. DAFKA also can provide you with an excellent tract on the history of the Middle East, political cartoons and other supportive materials at little or no cost.

We recommend you get a "Wonder Pole" from a search on the internet. The cost of this is about $60.00 but well worth it. Purchase an American and Israeli flags, both size 3' x 5' and install them on the pole to be attached to the side of your table. Remember the American flag goes at the top over the Israeli flag. Purchase your Israeli flag over the web to help out an Israeli company.

Any articles appearing on the DAFKA website can be reproduced for distributing on your tables.  We also recommend contacting www.standwithuscampus.com for their four color brochures. They are excellent. You can also find excellent tracts at  www.frontpagemagazine.com . If you affiliate with Hillel, ask them for some funds to order additional brochures and tracts. If you have trouble obtaining these please contact us to help you at  programs@dafka.org . Copies of DAFKA videos, the key component to educating people will be sent to you free of charge or at nominal cost.

About the videos: they are extremely graphic but cut to the chase in the case of what is really going on. Created from actual Palestinian TV and newsreel footage, they reveal the true Arab goal of destroying Israel under the guise of a "peace" plan. They show the cynical misuse of children by the Arabs to do this. They show the Truth that is missing on our campuses today with all the Arab propaganda and rhetoric. This is your chance to educate your fellow students with facts, not rhetoric. All our materials are designed to educate and not advocate by presenting the way the countries that are part of the state sponsored terrorism network portray both America and Israel in their media.

Remember, you don't need to advocate if you correctly educate. And if you can show the false information and deception being passed around on campus you've done the best educating of all.