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Where To Get Equipment

We recommend a TV-VCR combo. Best Buy and Circuit City usually have them available in 19" (smaller doesn't work well) for under $200. A deep cycle marine battery can be purchased at your local Sears store for about $75.00 and an inverter at most hardwaree stores for between $75.00 and $125.00 (the inverter hooks up to the battery and provides a plug for the TV set). Some DAFKA chapters purchase a tent for about $40.00 at Sears or Target which prevents the sun from reflecting off the TV screen . A standard card table can support everything. DAFKA will supply free copies to any chapter of "The Trojan Horse",  "Israel And The War Of Images", "Christians In Peril",  "Dhimmis" and other DAFKA videos to any chapter that obtains the proper tabling equipment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these tapes are worth a million words and really show the truth about what is going on in the "Palestinian" Arab movement to dismantle Israel by any means necessary. Don't have a budget? Try your local synagogue, Jewish businesses and community Israel Action Groups for a donor. If necessary, we can supply you tapes in advance to show people. If your local Hillel will sponsor your group, you can ask them for funding. If your manpower is limited, try to get a locked storage area on campus where you can store equipment and materials for easy access.The most important thing is GET IT DONE!!!

In the near future we hope to be able to provide this equipment to our different campus chapters  at no cost.