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Arabs Speak Out

To: noniedarwish@hotmail.com
Subject: Hello
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 04:54:44 -0700 (MST)

Dear Ms. Darwish,

After reading your article "the Arab Berlin Wall" I really think you were accurate describing the situation their as an ugly wall that causes nothing but pain and suffering for the society restricted by it. I'm 18 years old and I came to the united states about a year ago from Saudi Arabia, now my view has changed so much since then that I can trace so many painful sad stories of helpless individuals I knew to the fact that education systems wash brains in any non-democratic system, because violators of human freedom are necessarily violaters of freedom of knowledge. People are brained washed into thinking that the whole world is conspiring against Islam because it is right, and therefore they conclude that their lives is shitty because others hate them, as opposed to the logical coclusion that there must be something wrong with a 1400 years old theory. The most awful heart tearing stories of lives of females that never got a chance to see what the world's like shouldn't be ignored by the world, something has to be done, but what? Can you imagine how hard it would be to try to rescue someone who's in absloulte rejection of any attempt to save them? And with a very small propotion of the population aware of this religious fallacy, new smart generations are smothered by the overwhilming islamic support which is the result of islamic school brain washing. People need to be shown that a lot of their pain can be removed if they started to live a new life, without islam.I have two sisters, 21 and 12 years old, and we all were raised in Makkah(the holy city) and I know you lived in the middle east and have an idea about how it is like to be a female in Makkah or in Saudi Arabia generally. They have no lives. It is like living in a prison cell since you were born. I don't even know what to do to help them. Everybody I knew before I came to the united states lives in another world, a world that I've lived in before. Once you realize that Islam is a big nasty lie you realize how big and severe the problem is, you can't do nothing to stop it, your destiny is to cry while laughing at how stupid this religion is compared to how much pain people get from following it blindly, how meaningless of a life is that?

best wishes,

(due to death threats, the writer requests his name be withheld)

P.S It's quite racist however to call Clinton the first arab president just because you think he is a lier. All kind of people are the same the differences between them being extremely different ircumstances, in other words everybody seeks rationality in their own worlds. People have different beliefs depending on their intellectual ability, which is mainly determined by education and early
life experiences. What should be critisized and dealt with is the life-hindering islamic system, and remember that the only reason this system survived all these years is its ability to be installed smoothly in youngsters' minds.