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A letter appeared today from a Ruth Rosen in the SF Chronicle. The letter may be a fake and Ruth Rosen not a real person or esle a deranged individual. Below are some letters sent by readers already to give you some help to compose your own:

The following are 4 responses delivered to the SF Chronicle today reg: When despair trumps hope - Ruth Rosen. Your letter is needed also.  letters@sfchronicle.com   If you choose to call instead and want your number to be blocked, you can always dial *67 before the number. Article website is below. Thank you.


Dear Editor:

"Setting things straight"
Today's above article is in fact written by someone that hates Jews as admitted by the writer herself. Because she is a child of survivors does not give her credentials for her self loathing, disdain for Israel and shame for being Jewish. "We Americans" are not silent and complicit as this journalist suggests. On the contrary, "we Americans" speak loudly to defend ourselves and support our neighbors in the effort to defend themselves from acts of terrorism. "We children of survivors" do not have the abominable views of this extremely ill informed individual, that thinks she is fostering peace through hatred of Israel and hides behind the cloak of the child of a survivor.
1. This is not a "cycle" of terrorism and revenge, rather, a response to terrorism.
2. Arafat rejected a solution. He walked away and started war. A viable and coherent state, not "Bantustans", has been offered time again throughout history until now, but has been systematically rejected throughout history by Arafat and those prior to his lifetime.
3. Syria was bombed because it had terrorist training camps responsible for the Israel massacres days before.
4. The fence is there because it has been working to keep out terrorists.
5. Israel has had suicide bombings before settlements. Israel was willing to negotiate settlements in the many offers rejected by Arafat. This is being constantly used as an excuse for terrorism, another excuse to avoid the truth; namely the rejection of the state of Israel.

(signature here)
Child of Survivors
(phone here)

I thank you in advance for publishing this in the name of balance.

Dear Editor:
Why is it that pundits like your staffer Ruth Rosen ("When despair trumps hope," Oct. 13) always avoid the main issue when condemning Israel? The reason for Palestinian terrorist bombings is not the building of "settlements" in the suburbs of Jerusalem---Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Al Aqsa Brigade, the perpetrators of the bombings, do not for one moment claim this, as Rosen does.  The terrorists are more forthright: They will tell you they
stand for the total destruction of Israel.  Apologists like Rosen must face the fact that Palestinian violence is and has for decades been focused, openly and avowedly, upon ridding the Middle East of Jews.  Rosen may not be anti-Semitic, but she is supporting the wickedest pack of anti-Semites on earth.

I am calling to express my outrage at the blatant Palestinian propaganda that you printed under Ruth Rosen's byline today. The Chronicle is making no contribution towards educating the public when it prints historical revisionism.

Ms. Rosen is ill-informed and extremely naive. Although she thinks that by being a child of Holocaust survivors gives her some credentials, she seems clueless to the fact that there will not be peace in the region until the Arabs accept Israel's right to exist. That is the issue. Not the settlements, and certainly not the occupation.

Ms. Rosen carefully omitted mentioning that Hanadi Jaradat's brother and cousin were members of Islamic Jihad. This group is responsible for many despicable acts of brutality and savagery against innocent unarmed young and old Israelis and Americans. Israel has a right to protect her citizens against these butchers. Ms. Rosen would no doubt want the same protection if she and her friends were being blown up while they were sitting outside having lunch in the Marina.

Ms. Rosen is very ignorant of recent Middle East history. Anyone who is well read would be aware that Arafat had begun planning the current intifada in the Spring of 2000. This was months and months before Ariel Sharon ever stepped foot on the Temple Mount. Arafat had no intentions of agreeing to Ehud Barak's extremely generous offer of land for peace at Camp David in July 2000. The Palestinians have no one to blame but their leaders for their despair.

Land for peace was tried. It was a failure. Now the Arabs are going to have to get it through their thick skulls that cessation of terrorism comes before any talk of land changing hands.

Whether you know it or not, Ms. Rosen's comments reflects the views of those on the extreme left in the Bay Area and in Israel. The Israeli public repudiated those political views, and threw those politicians out of office last year, as they are the ones responsible for giving the Palestinians guns that in turn have murdered almost 1000 Israelis.

Dear Editors,

Ruth Rosen’s essay, “When despair trumps hope” (San Francisco Chronicle, 10.13.03), offers a disheartening exercise in misinformation and misguided moral equivalence.  Almost every paragraph asserts a palpably false and misleading notion.

Her first assertion reveals her ignorance, or duplicity: “..(suicide
bombers)..are the result of a society that has lost all hope and is driven by despair”.  Many suicide bombers are well-to-do professionals, some with spouses and children, who have the potential for much more than hopelessness

or despair.  Moreover, terror leaders explain that their “martyrs” are motivated by religious fervor and commitment.  We learn from an interview with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (New Yorker Mag.) that his suicide bomber “college” in Gaza had 115 graduates in August of 2001, chosen from10 times that many volunteers who did not make the cut.

But even if we take her assertion at face value, it is at once obvious that the onus of culpability for the “hopelessness and despair” of the Palestinian society rests directly upon Arafat’s shoulders.  This is precisely the accusation that his own cabinet members are now leveling at him.  The Intifada is a failure because of him.  Opportunities for statehood have been lost because of his rejectionism.  The Palestinian economy is in
shambles because of his kleptocracy.

She blames Sharon for escalating a “..catastrophic cycle of revenge”.  There is no cycle of violence.  The terrorists target Israeli civilians with the intent, per their own pronouncements, to destroy Israel and butcher its Jews. The Israelis target Palestinian terrorists with the intent to stop terrorism so that peace talks can be resumed.  On numerous occasions, Israel has re-occupied various Palestinian cities to stop terrorists before they reach their targets.  When operations are completed, the troops are pulled
out. But within 48 hours, terrorism begins again. The pattern is obvious: if
the terrorists laid down their weapons, there would be no more violence.  If the IDF laid down its weapons, there would be no more Israel.

She accuses Sharon of being unwilling to create a lasting peace.  Strange that she is not aware of the Mitchell Plan or the Tenet Report, or the comments of Secretary Powell or President Bush or President Clinton: "Arafat, it is all your fault”!  Even Palestinian leaders have recently said the same thing.  The Palestinian people could have known peace and

prosperity since 1994, but that Arafat chose to build a terrorist army and wage a terrorist war instead of creating a democratic state.

She accuses Sharon of rejecting “land for peace”: forgetting that Sharon voted in favor of Israel’s return of Sinai to Egypt, and commanded the troops that forcibly evacuated recalcitrant settlers from Israeli sites there in 1979.  He supported, as well, the peace agreement with Jordan, which involved the return of hundreds of square miles of land on Israel’s eastern border to the Hashemite kingdom.

And she even blames the 2nd Intifada on Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount; despite statements from PLO parliamentarian Faluji and others that the Intifada was planned for months following Arafat’s rejection of Baraq’s Camp David II offer; and Sharon’s visit was merely the excuse.

She criticizes President Bush for not pressuring Israel….to stop the preventive and retaliatory actions that have successfully intercepted c. 90% of the attempted terror attacks.  She seems blissfully unaware that Arafat planned or approved an average of 24 attacks per day during the height of the Intifada.  Even during the putative ‘cease fire’ the IDF intercepted an average of 6 attacks per day. If Bush followed her myopic advice, there
would be thousands more Israeli dead.

And she promulgates the lie that settlement expansion is a roadblock to peace.  Perhaps she is not aware of the fact that Arafat was preaching the destruction of Israel years before there were any Jews living in the West Bank or Gaza Strip.  The settlements he was talking about then were Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jewish Jerusalem.  Perhaps she has not noticed that every
Israeli Prime Minister since Begin has agreed to dismantle settlements in the context of peace accords.

The single defining paradigm for Palestinian national aspirations for more than 40 years has been an unrelenting commitment to terrorism, warfare, and the total destruction of Israel. If Ms. Rosen intentionally ignores the Arab Jew-hatred and terrorism that have fueled the conflict for decades, whitewashes the deeply evil genocidal goals of Arafat and his minions, and asserts a myopic moral equivalence that declares the arsonist and the fire
fighter to be equally at cause for the conflagration…then she is knowingly perpetrating lies and abetting the terrorists.

If she is just abysmally ignorant, she should acquaint herself with facts before she writes.