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DATE: 15 July, 2003
TYPE: Action Item
SCOPE: Global

SUBJ: More on Pro-Terrorist Conference at Rutgers

Rutgers University has agreed to host the National Student Conference
of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, a branch of the International
Solidarity Movement (ISM), from October 10-12. This is a group that
endorses the suicide bombing of Israelis and that sends "peace
activists" to the West Bank to protect and cooperate with terrorists.
At last year's national Conference, held at the Unviersity of
Michigan, student delegates actually chanted "kill the Jews."

You can find a new JAT report on the group at


It is significant that the ISM is the only NGO that Israeli security
is attempting to keep out of the country because they have determined
that the group is complicit in terrorism.

Note: In June, we attempted without success to get press coverage for
this story. It was the 200 letters to the President of Rutgers,
generated by an earlier JAT alert, that put this issue on the public
agenda. We need more letters to keep the issue alive and to drive
this bunch of terrorism-groupies from Rutgers.


1. There will be demonstration to protest the hosting of
   this convention by Rutgers on the steps of the New Jersey
   State House in Trenton on Thursday, July 17, at NOON.
   Please attend if you can.

2. Please call or write to the President of Rutgers asking
   that he move immediately to cancel this Conference
   (sample letter below). Send a copy to the governor of New
   Jersey, or call him also to voice your concerns.

3. Send a letter to the editor protesting the sponsorship of
   this conference by one of our great public univeristies
   (sample letter below).


Rutgers University

  Richard L. McCormick, President
  Rutgers University
  83 Somerset Street
  New Brunswick, NJ   08901

  phone: 732-932-7454
  fax: 732-932-8060
  email: president@rutgers.edu

New Jersey Governor

  James E. McGreevey
  Governor of New Jersey
  PO Box 001
  Trenton, NJ 08625

  phone: 609-292-6000
  fax: 609-292-3454
  webmail: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/govmail.html

Newark Star-Ledger


New Brunswick Home News Tribune


New York Times





As always, to make your letters more effective, please try
to rewrite the sample letters in your own words, avoiding
inflammatory language. Remember also that phone calls and letters
sent by fax or postal mail will be far more effective than those sent
by electronic mail, though sending the latter is far better than
taking no action at all.

Dear President McCormick,

I am writing to ask that you cancel the meeting of the
National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement,
also known as International Solidarity Movement, to be held October
10-12 at Rutgers. This is a Palestinian-led organization that
supports the destruction of Israel and the suicide bombing of
civilians, in particular Jews in Israel and anywhere.

While there is a fine line between freedom of speech and censorship,
Rutgers surely would not allow a branch of the KKK to hold a rally at
the University, nor would it officially sponsor and fund a student
group that loudly called for the killing of homosexuals by planting
bombs in restaurants where gays congregate (let alone one that
actually sent volunteers to help others carry out those actions).

I expect Rutgers to take the same stand toward a group that openly
advocates the destruction of a nation and the murder of its citizens
and other members of an ethnic/religious group.

After the terrorist attack on the United States in September 2001,
President Bush properly identified as enemies and criminals not only
the terrorists themselves but also those who harbor and protect them.
The Palestine Solidarity Movement is a terrorist-protection

I sincerely hope that Rutgers comes down on the side of core American
beliefs. Such a move will certainly well serve the university, the
community, and those who believe in open debate, and not those who
support the killing of civilians as a means to an end.

Sincerely yours,


To the Editor

I am writing to protest the use of the Rutgers campus for a national
meeting of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a group that
endorses sending Palestinian children as suicide bombers to murder
Israeli children and that supports the destruction of the State of
Israel by violent means.

At the 2002 national convention of the ISM at the University
of Michigan, ISM delegates shouted "Shame for being Jewish"
at Jewish students and held a demonstration at which they
chanted "Kill the Jews."

ISM, however, goes beyond hate speech. The "peace
volunteers" that they send to Israel participate in demonstrations
with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, attempt to block the demolition of arms-
smuggling tunnels, and deliberately harbor known terrorists to
prevent their arrest.

After the terrorist attack on the United States in September 2001,
President Bush properly identified as enemies and criminals not only
the terrorists themselves but also those who harbor and protect them.
ISM is a terrorist-protection organization and ought not to be
allowed to meet at New Jersey's state university. Nor should Rutgers
continue to recognize this violent hate-group as an official student
activity and fund it with $1,400 dollars of tax money.

Sincerely yours,