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Ever wonder why your newspaper always seems to have letters to the editor propagating the lies and disinformation of the Palestinian movement to destroy Israel? One reason is the over 300 websites dedicated to Palestinian and Muslim propaganda frequently run pre-written, templated letters for their readers to print out, sign and send to their local papers. Written by professionals, the letters usually repeat the common lies used in the media.

This section will provide you with letters you may send to your campus and community newspapers. We suggest you rewrite them in your own words, but if they match your opinions, feel free to print them out and sign them. Any time you send a letter to an editor, make sure you always include a contact address and phone number so they may verify the letter as genuine from you.




The recent arrest of Sami Al-Arian by the Justice Department marks a watershed moment in the War On Terror. Al-Arian is responsible for deaths of many Israelis and even Americans through his fundraising for Islamic Jihad. The President at Florida State University should be congratulated for having the courage to try and fire Al-Arian while that college's Academic Senate chose to bury its head in the sand and defend him. While the Bush administration has begun going after the myriad number of Islamic charity fronts raising money for Al Qaeda, it has completely ignored what is also going on at our university campuses. Al-Arian is just the tip of the iceberg. It is of particular interest that Michigan State, a taxpayer supported institution, recently hosted Al-Arian at a"Zionism Is Racism" convention on campus where he was received as a hero. For too long our institutions of higher learning have been using "Academic Freedom" as a front to advance their true goals as terrorists and enemies of America and democracy and to promote anti-semitism. Maybe Al-Arian's arrest will be the first in a long line of rooting out these agents on our campuses who raise money, promote false information and recruit for those against us in the War On Terror.




It is high time we as American citizens call upon the federal government to take a hard look atacademic funding to universities which are becoming fronts for terrorist organizations. Congress allocates Title VI funds to our Universities for Middle East Studies Departments which are then infiltrated with Saudi endowment money to assure a faculty that teaches the dogma of the Middle East against Israel and America. President Bush's closing down the fake Islamic charity frontswhich funded al-Qaeda is only putting a band-aid on the problem. The real need is for our government to take a hard look at what is being taught to the next generation on our campusesto misinform and give support and aid to those who really seek to destroy us.  Academic Freedom should not be an excuse to allow professional propagandists with an agenda to take over educational departments on our campuses. When a Palestinian professor at UC Berkeley tells her students that on 9/11 2,000 Jews didn't go to work in the World Trade Center, that the attackwas a Mossad plot, there is something wrong in our institutions of higher learning. When MichiganState hosts on campus conventions on "Zionism As Racism" and invites an indicted terrorist asguest of honor, there is something wrong.

It is time we wake up before it is too late.



More letters will be added shortly.