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To the Regents of the University of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar, to the President of the University of California system, the California State Legislature and Chancellors of the entire UC campus-wide system:

Whereas it has been determined that members of the Saudi Royal Family have been active participants in the funding and encouragement of terrorism worldwide against a U.S democratic ally, Israel, as well as against other democratic allies and, in some instances, even the United States, and some of its citizens, both abroad and at home, and in the interest of preventing any further conflicts of interest in the teaching of Middle East history between Arab governments that seek the destruction of Israel or to portray the United States in an unpopular light as an "oppressor",  it is hereby requested that the University of California divest itself fully of any financial ties, gifts, grants, or economic incentives given by Saudi Arabia, The Royal Family, or other Arab States which have shown any type of economic, social,  political or moral support to terrorism.

Over the past two decades Saudi Arabia has consistently shown a behavior contrary to the normal behavior perceived of civilized states that are opposed to terrorism. This behavior has included:

1) Refusal to detain for trial despite requests by the US government, terrorist leader Mugniyeh, responsible for the killing of 241 marines in 1983 in Beirut and allowing Mugniyeh to escape extradition by the FBI as well as refusing to assist the FBI in investigating the attackers of over 20 US air Force personnel murdered at Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

2) Refusal to detain, despite US requests, notorious world terrorist Osama Bin Laden, responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 people, mostly Americans at New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

3) Contributions by members of the Royal Family, most notably Prince Alaweed of sums exceeding 400 million dollars in one year given to Hamas which is recognized by the US government as one of the worst terrorist organizations in the world and has murdered Americans such as UC Berkeley student Marla Bennet for which Hamas took credit in the world media. Furthermore, the Saudi royal Family has been proven to have actively raised funds for Bin Laden's group, Al Qaeda, which is currently at war with the United States and to have provided funds as economic incentives to suicide bombers who murdered Israelis and even some American citizens inside Israel..

4) The funding of Middle East Studies Departments on UC campuses in order to manipulate the curriculum against Israel and in some cases even against the United States by influencing  unduly the teaching of the Middle East History to slant toward an "Arab" view that the dismantling of the Jewish State is desirable as well as justified, and that the United States a an "imperial power" is responsible for the current Arab governments of dictatorships and poor economies. Currently even one Middle East professor at UC Berkeley has been telling students that the attack on 9/11 was a Jewish plot known in advance and planned by Israel. That such "professors" have no place in an institution of higher learning of the State of California and are detrimental to the education process for California's students.

5) That the Saudi Royal Family is a despotic dictatorship that has been proven to violate human rights in general, engages in torture of its opponents, denies women normal rights and has even engaged and encouraged kidnappings of American citizens on several occasions, behavior totally contrary to that perceived as desirable to an institution as world famous as the University of California.

 It is the view of the signatories of this Petition that Saudi Arabian money, influencing certain movements on US campuses in general by planting professors slanted to their view into Middle Eastern Departments has created the current milieu of violence as well as anti-semitism on UC campuses. Campus administrators anxious for scarce funds are more apt to look the other way at such aspirations which is contrary to the real purpose of the University of California, to provide an objective education based on fact and in a truly democratic environment not unduly influenced by outside donors.

The Saudi Royal Family does not allow freedom of religion, does not permit women equal rights, and engages in totalitarian control over its people, all things anathema to the UC system where equal rights and freedom for all races and minorities have always been given top priority.

And finally, the Saudi Royal Family has refused repeatedly to allow the US military, currently engaged in the War On Terror, to use military bases in Saudi Arabia which could jeopardize the lives of American servicemen, many of whom are even graduates of the UC system.

We, the signed signatories to this petition, ask that immediate steps be taken to divest any money received or tied to the Saudi Royal Family and other Arab terror-sponsoring states permanently with this divestment to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2003. In addition, no UC administrator be allowed to accept any gratuities, vacations, junkets or favors from Saudi sources of any kind.