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Leftists Speak Out
Caught in a lie
Internet Critic "makes up facts" about Israeli atrocities
by Becky Johnson
July 5, 2004
Santa Cruz, Ca. -- I've lived in Santa Cruz for 25 years now. So I regularly check out the local alternative website www.santacruz.indymedia.org for information I'm not likely to read in the corporate news. Since I am aware of a heavy bias against the State of Israel on the site, I usually check out those articles.  Today I found a new one.
In an article entitled "Michael Moore's 'Farenheit 9/11 Omits Many Important Questions"  which was submitted by Concerned American Citizens with no other name or e-mail address provided was the following allegation:
Why does Michael Moore gratuitously show a rapid clip of someone being beheaded in Saudi Arabia, but fails to show scenes such as an Israeli army Apache helicopter (courtesy of American taxpayers) dropping a one-ton bomb (again, courtesy of American taxpayers) in the middle of the night onto a crowded Palestinian apartment building, killing hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians, including women and children, in order to kill one Palestinian militant?
I have never heard of an incident that involved the killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians with a one-ton bomb in order to kill one militant.  I did a quick "fact check" using google.  I searched the following fields. "Israeli army Apache helicopter" and "one-ton bomb" and only one article came up.  It was posted on the Santa Barbara indymedia site on July 1, 04.


The exact same article came up, also with an anonymous person doing the posting. No other entry reporting those allegations which were stated as FACTS with the inference that videotape existed as well.  
The assertion made in the article likely originated by the writer. The whole alleged incident never happened! Please be careful about outrageous claims of Israeli atrocities. Wealthy anti-semitic Arab oil sheiks can and do pay millions to those who will travel the world and villify Israel. They do not care about the truth. They will make up facts. I believe I have caught them doing it right here and now.
The article accuses Michael Moore for not reporting that an Israeli army apache helicopter dropped a one-ton bomb on a crowded Palestinian apartment building at night killing hundreds of civilians just to get one militant. Moore never reported it because it never happened.