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Leftists Speak Out

Here is the Resource Center for Nonviolence (www.rcnv.org) approved version of the Israeli incursion into Gaza on January 28, 2004.  It is found under the link HUMAN RIGHTS on their mideast watch page.  While accurate as far as it goes (probably those killed were 8 armed gunmen not 4) it seriously distorts the truth.  What makes this article a maliciously intended example of hate speech against Israel is what it doesn't say.  Read on for my imbedded comments which are mostly sourced from a NY Times article from the same day.  ---- Becky Johnson




Ref: 13/2004

Date: 28 January 2004

8 Palestinians killed by Israeli Occupying Forces During Incursion into Al Zaytoun, Gaza city


Today, Wednesday, 28 January 2004, Israeli occupying forces...

BECKY: The Israeli Defense Forces

...conducted a major military incursion into Al Zaytoun, a residential district of Gaza city, killing 8 Palestinians and causing extensive damage to civilian property.

 According to preliminary investigations conducted by PCHR, early this morning, Israeli occupying forces entered from al-Shuhada junction, near Netzarim settlement,..

BECKY:  The Jewish settlement of Netzarim has been in Gaza for 900 years.

 ..south of Gaza City, and moved approximately 1.5km into al-Zaytoun neighborhood.


BECKY: The writer fails to mention that this happened immediately after an anti-tank missile was fired into Netzarim, where the soldiers had been stationed.


According to eyewitnesses, Israeli forces took up position in the center of al-Zaytoun and fired live bullets and artillery shells at Palestinian civilians and civilian property.

BECKY:  The NY Times article reports that when the IDF responded to the shelling, they were met by 200 gunmen and a fierce battle broke out.

 During the operation 8 Palestinians, including at least 4 civilians not engaged in military activities,...

BECKY:  The Palestinians like to say that anyone not in a uniform is a civilian, even when they are carrying guns. The IDF reported that all 8 were armed gunmen.

... were killed and a number of others were wounded, including an ambulance driver.

BECKY: Was this ambulance driver one of the 200 armed gunmen these eyewitness reporters failed to mention?

 One of the deceased remains unidentified. The seven other individuals killed have been identified as:

1.      Ahmed Mohammed ‘Ali Abu Rikab, 22;

2.      Eyad Mahmoud al-Ra’ei, 38;

3.      Marwan Mahmoud Basal, 39;

4.      Mousa Suleiman Dalloul, 30;

5.      ‘Othman Mohammed Jundiya, 22;

6.      Sameh Kamel Toutah, 17; and

7.      Akram ‘Abdul Karim Abu ‘Ajami, 17. 


During the incursion, Israeli forces fired at an ambulance of the Palestine Red Crescent Society that was clearly marked with the appropriate symbols.  The shots smashed the front window and the ambulance driver, ‘Alaa’ Hamdi al-Sousi, 23, sustained facial injuries.

Israeli occupying forces finally withdrew from al-Zaytoun neighborhood at approximately 11:15am, leaving widespread damage to civilian property in the neighborhood.

BECKY: Note, the writer blames Israel for an attack that was begun by a Palestinian missile and followed by an unprovoked attack by 200 gunmen.

PCHR strongly condemns this latest Israeli military attack in a civilian area.

BECKY: What were 200 armed Palestinian gunmen doing launching an attack in a civilian area?

The high number of casualties resulting from this latest military incursion demonstrates the increasing disregard of the Israeli occupying forces for the principles of proportionality and military necessity.

BECKY: How about the principles of good journalism which is to report all the facts, not half the facts?

PCHR believes that the consistent failure of the international community, specifically the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to take immediate and effective measures to halt such attacks has effectively served to encourage further violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

BECKY:  So now the Palestinians are blaming the Internationals for failing to stop Israel from retaliating when it is bombed and attacked by 200 gunmen? This is jabberwocky time folks. Everything is stood on its head. The Attacker is the victim and the victim is responsible for the attack.  What is sad is that well-meaning people read articles like this and they believe them.


   PCHR wishes to remind the High Contracting Parties of their clear legal obligations to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, and specifically to search for and to prosecute those responsible for grave breaches of the Convention.

BECKY: Yes. Those who believe that the Palestinians should stop firing rockets at Israeli villages, stop suicide bombings, sniper attacks, and knifings should pressure the Palestinian Authority to find and arrest those who plan and carry out their murderous attacks.  If the PA won't reign in the terror groups, then the IDF has to instead.


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