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Leftists Speak Out
Roadmap to Death
by Becky Johnson
June 14, 2003
Santa Cruz, Ca. --- Already I have heard them. They are on Amy Goodman's
Democracy Now!  They are on Free Radio Santa Cruz.  They are ensconced
in at the Resource Center for Nonviolence.  They are saying that Israel's Prime
Minister, Ariel Sharon, is sabotaging the Roadmap to Peace by ordering
assassinations of Hamas leaders in Gaza.  Convenient facts are missing. No
mention is made of the 7 Israelis who were killed since the June 4th Summit meeting
with President George Bush, Prime Minister Sharon, and the newly appointed
(by Arafat) Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas.  Nor do they mention the attempted
attacks which IDF members were able to catch and prevent.
What is HAMAS?
Hamas' founding covenant calls for jihad to "obliterate Israel" and  to
"raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine" and over "any
land the Moslems conquered by force" in "the times of Islamic conquests."
This statement of their founding principles has never been withdrawn. Nor do
their actions indicate they have abandoned this principle in any way.

Hamas rejected Oslo and Camp David, called the Road Map "a US-Zionist
conspiracy against the Palestinian people."  On June 5,  Hamas declared:
"We will never be ready to lay down arms until the liberation of the last
centimeter of the land of Palestine,"
Hamas terrorist threats and actions mounted during and after the Aqaba
Summit. In the four weeks before and after the Summit, Israel caught 20
suicide terrorists.  Just four days after the Summit, Hamas terrorists
claimed seven Israeli lives. Israel reported there were 53 active
terrorist alerts on June 11, 2003-hours before the attempted assassination
PA Prime Minister Abbas called for a truce from Hamas, but made no attempt
to dismantle the organization, jail any leaders, or disarm them.  They adamantly
rejected the truce advocated by Abbas.

"We call on all military cells to act immediately and act like an
earthquake to blow up the Zionist entity and tear it to pieces."  Abdel
Aziz al-Rantisi, Hamas co-founder, June 12, 2003.
Shortly afterwards, the IDF attempted to kill Rantisi in a rocket attack which
left him slightly wounded and killed 8 other people.  Broadcasters and guests
on Free Radio Santa Cruz presented this as "proof" that Israel wants to
kill Palestinian civilians and "doesn't care" who gets killed.
Sharon has taken a lot of heat from his own Likud party for accepting Bush's
Roadmap to Peace. Sharon has never before advocated a separate independant
Palestinian State.  Why should it work this time?  It didn't work in 1948, 1993, or 2000.
Hamas has never accepted Israel as a Jewish State at any point of its existance.
While those on Free Radio and Democracy Now! brand those who say that the Palestinian groups want to drive the Jews into the sea as "paranoid" or "propagandists", they are wrong. Dead wrong.
I would support an independant demilitarized Palestinian State if I thought it would bring peace. It can't and it won't. There is no evidence it will.  Bush's roadmap goes nowhere except to another bloody graveyard.  Israel has no choice other than to fight its own battles any way it can.