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Leftists Speak Out



  Commentary by

    Lee Kaplan

 National Director, DAFKA

While DAFKA is a national organization and our focus is on Arab propaganda against Israel on US campuses, we zero in on some of the worst local propaganda campaigns in the country. The Resource Center For Non-Violence is an organization located in Santa Cruz, California near the UC Santa Cruz campus.  Scott Kennedy is a major player in the Center. I debated Scott on local TV in Santa Cruz last year. At the commencement of the debate Scott told me he is a big supporter of Israel. He then proceeded to admit to me during the debate he is for the dismantling of Israel to create a non-Jewish state for a secular one with an Arab-Muslim majority. In other words, he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Scott actually stated during our debate that the only solution to the Middle East crisis is that there should either be a "democratic state or a Jewish one". Never mind that the Jewish State of Israel is a democratic one with 15 recognized religions and equal rights for Jews, Moslems and Christians who are Israeli citizens and the Palestine Authority is a military dictatorship run by Yasser Arafat and his terrorist thugs. Scott has no energy to fight the real injustices of the "Palestinian people" by their own leadership. He writes of moving hand holding sessions with Arafat and of aspirations to Palestinian statehood. He has visited the disputed territories as a guest of the PA 30 times, he boasts. How many people can lay credit to such ardent support of another Arab-Moslem dictatorship- in-the making while claiming to be a champion of human rights? Talk of a secular democratic state certainly is specious when the Arab states are all Muslim dictatorships and Israel already is a democracy.

 It really is sick.

The ultimate in gall is that Scott likes to invoke the teachings of non-violence and tolerance of Martin Luther King. Would that Dr. King was still alive, he'd probably abandon non-violence for a moment and chuck ol' Scott upside the head. Scott also opposed US intervention in Iraq and has no comment about the mass graves of 15,000 people or more recently found of people who were murdered by Saddam Hussein. He's a non-violent man but will give unlimited support to mass murderers in the name of humanity. he certainly supports Yasser Arafat and refused to denoucne him during our debate.

Santa Cruz is a beautiful beachside community about 90 minutes south of San Francisco. And thanks to Scott's RCNV and the propaganda techniques such as taught by PASSIA* and other Arab students at the University of California at Santa Cruz there it is a rival to UC Berkeley as a bastion of Arab propaganda against Israel. It is high time the Santa Cruz community recognize the hypocrisy of a center that is really a mouthpiece for Arab anti-Semitism and violence against Jews in the Middle East. Scott is an elected City Councilman there. When his term is up, I'm sure the majority of people who reside in Santa Cruz  will turn him out. Perhaps this commentary can inform enough of them to do so.

*For information on PASSIA click on that button on the left side of the DAFKA homepage menu.