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Leftists Speak Out

A Rose is a Rose
by Arlene Peck

Gertrude Stein once said, “A rose is a rose is a rose.” 

I suppose it meant semantics don’t mean diddlysquat.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, sure as shooting, it’s a duck. My leftist friends, the few I have left, consider me a "radical". 

I consider my way of thinking logical. If the road map to the sea is going to build a terrorist state around and within the Jewish state in its biblical heartland, it's a danger, it’s a danger, and it’s a danger.

I even believe a roach is a roach, is a roach.
So if describing as vermin those who strive for the demise of the Jews and
who rush to bomb yeshiva boys and teenagers out for a pizza makes me a radical, so be it.

Except, I just wonder, if  any of those television commentators or "experts" who are touting the wonderful road to peace and the "map" that’s going to have a "happily ever after" ending in the Middle East have ever traveled to the countryside?

Or, possibly seen the terrain from which they are moving the Jews?

It might be nice if they’ve traveled to any of the hospitals to see what these "peaceful neighbors" plan for the Jews in their neighborhood.

So, as basic as it sounds, I just figure that there is nothing wrong in telling the Arabs that if Jews can’t live in their countries, then why should their brothers live in Israel? 

That kind of talking makes me a "radical". I just see the inconsistency of their cry, “You can’t live among us, but we can live amongst you.” 

Why doesn't the world see the audacity of that position? I had an aunt who came from Egypt. Can she go back and claim her father’s property? Yeah …right!

And, if it’s going to dismantle settlements, whose residents I believe to be the true pioneers of Israel, and leave buffer areas vulnerable, that too is dangerous.

G-d help us when  the millions of "displaced" Arabs from all over the world start pouring into the tiny country to "reclaim" their land.

Does anyone actually believe that Hamas and Hezbollah, or any other of those terrorist entities, which are waiting in line to be rewarded for their bloodbaths against the Jewish nation actually believe that they will stop once the “Jews leave the occupied territories.”

To them, the entire country is occupied and they won’t be content until they have every last inch of Israel.

This is Oslo revisited! Haven’t our decision-makers learned that yet?

Obviously not! You know, come to think of it, neither did George Bush’s father. He was a one-term president because he went against Israel.

This Palestinian state will leave coastal Israel virtually defenseless and vulnerable to terrorist activity and cause
the country to be easily overrun.

Oh, I forgot, George Bush gave his assurances that everything would be “ok” and he would see that Israel was protected.
Excuse me?

Wasn’t that the same thing his daddy promised when the scuds were pouring down on Israel from Hussein? And, we all know how that turned out. 

 Excuse me if I don’t hold a lot of confidence in what our country promises. The rest of the world for the most part just doesn’t understand.

Nor do they really care. Long after our President has retired to spend his oil millions in Texas and, Sharon is pushing up daises, the damage will have been done.

I remember when my daughter was just a little girl she broke her front tooth in a swimming accident. Oh, the neighbors and a couple of my friend’s poo pooed the incident then went home and made their dinner.

I was the mother and I knew what problems that would cost her in future years. It damn near broke my heart. And, that was a tooth! 

The bottom line is that we all better get involved.

Because if Israel falls, so do the Jewish people.

All those wonderful, caring Europeans and self-hating leftists will maybe just
shed a crocodile tear or two and go merrily on their way.

Those that are kowtowing to the rest of the world and worrying about the poor plight of the Palestinians had better revise their thinking.

Or the next trip they might make to the “Holy Land” will be called “Greater Palestine

I just spoke with a neighbor who’s from Lebanon.

He’s a Christian and told me that he wishes George Bush would get on the case of Syria.
He reminded me that there is no more Lebanon.

For many years it’s been Greater Syria and there are almost seven million Lebanese living outside their country since Syria took it over.

Tell me Mr. Bush, what about his right of return?

Hey, I’ve never been very good with maps. In fact, I wasn’t in school the day they did the north-south thing.
I managed to get there on the left-right day.

So I can totally understand that there are people who just don’t understand maps. When you have no idea what you’re doing, it’s easy to get off course.

But it’s a big difference between getting lost on the highway and what constitutes the future of Israel. One slip now and the country could be lost. 

 In fact, I keep reading from the news reports--and we all know how truthful (?)
they are—that Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice keep saying, “At this point in time they just don’t want to get bogged down with details and semantics." 

So, keeping that in mind, maybe you guys in Washington haven’t noticed that the pattern of destroying Israel is continuing.

Take that word you like to bandy about:  concessions.

Have you noticed, just a little bit, that every time you force Israel into another concession, the Arabs respond with increased violence and more homicide bombings?

Do you think that maybe because the other side does not allow itself to get “bogged down with details and semantics” that it just might be because it is a little counter-productive to their own interests? 

Forget the rose. A murderer is a murderer, is a murderer.

Take the benevolent sometimes leader of the Palestinian people. Now, we all know that Arafat’s first name is Yasser.

But, hasn’t he been called Yassir and sometimes even Yaisir?
Who knows, one day it might even be, “No sir”.  

Bottom line is no matter what you call him, or, how you spell it, the man is the father of terrorism.
Bin Laden and Hussein studied at his feet. He’s a thug, a Hitler and a killer. So, what’s in a name?

Does peace for Israel really mean pieces of Israel being chopped up like salami to satisfy whom?

Gee, maybe peace means piece. What’s that old saying?
“If the terrorists put down their weapons, there will be no terror. If the Israelis put down their weapons, there will be no Israel?”