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Programs Start A Dafka Chapter

To start a DAFKA chapter on your campus is easy if you are organized and follow through. Contact your local Hillel director and tell them you wish to form a proactive proIsrael group on campus. You can also seek the cooperation of campus Young Republicans or Young Democrats. We have found some Hillel directors try to impose their own political points of view on all proIsrael groups. If you do not get cooperation from your local Hillel director, don't despair. Find like-minded students like yourself and do the following:

1. Get a campus approved student group together. Usually this entails some minor paperwork with your campus activities office.

2. Use your campus paper to announce the formation of a new proactive Israel /American support group on campus. Call your first meeting. Contact us at programs@dafka.org  so we can consult with you and guide you and try to smooth the way for you. Keep in touch with us. Remember, your primary goal is to educate the campus community with the truth.

3. Some campuses are harder to organize than others. Don't despair. If your local Hillel director does not support you, try to see if there is a Zionist Organization of America chapter on your campus or Students for Academic Freedom. Seek support from local synagogues in your community, professors and others in the campus community.

4. Be wary of fake "Jewish" or "Peace" groups who work  to present an image of seeking a resolution of the conflict but really work to undermine Israel's existence. Some are fronts for the Arabs, some are believers in some utopian socialist state that will never be in place of Israel and some are just plain ignorant. Likewise, there are "pacifists" who actually work to support the enemies killing US troops in Iraq. Your job is not advocacy, but to educate your peers so they can understand they are being duped.

5. Be a leader. Rome wasn't built in a day.  SO BE  PERSISTANT.