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General Info Why Dafka?

"DAFKA" is an acronym for Defending America For Knowledge and Action. Our mission is to proactively fight the propaganda and indoctrination campaign currently being waged on US campuses by proactively providing the truth and information about the Arab and militant Muslim war being waged against a fellow American ally, Israel.

Israel is America's number one ally. And we at DAFKA consider our work also as helping the US in an increasingly totalitarian world.

“DAFKA” (sometimes spelled "DAVKA" in English) also has many meanings in Hebrew. It refers to the period when the tribes of Moses were at their lowest and received manna from heaven. Classically it means “between thine eyes”. Contemporaneously, it means “in spite of…”. And in modern Hebrew slang it means “in your face!”.

What better word to name our organization? DAFKA came into existence because
mainstream Jewish and Israel support groups here in the US are just not doing enough, are too unaware or too “politically correct” to deal with professionally packaged Palestinian propagandists on our university campuses. In the view of DAFKA, mainstream Jewish groups usually arrange bagel brunches and spend more time preaching to the choir than going after the enemy. In so doing, they ignore what is going on before them (“between thine eyes”).

DAFKA’s purpose is to enlighten the non-Jewish community on our campuses and nationwide to the lies of the Islamic Arab Fascists on our campuses as well as fellow Jews who are not as effective as they could and should be. We do so in order to truly help Israel in this Oslo War and against the world’s attempt to dismantle the Jewish State. The UN is corrupt and controlled by dictators. America is Israel's main line of defense. And Israel is America's mainline of defense in the totalitarian world of the Middle East.

And, “in spite of”… a lack of funds, here we are. In coming months we will expand nationwide on our campuses to help
Israel and educate everyone to the real goals of the
“Palestinians” (Arabs) and “Arafatistan” (The Palestinian Authority). Simply put, a “Palestinian State” would be a recipe for disaster not just for Israel and against any concept of freedom or democracy in the Middle East (even for the Arabs), but for the West as well. At this writing Palestinian opinion polls show 88% prefer violence against Israel. The smuggling of weapons such as with the Karine A weapons ship proves such a state can never be demilitarized. And the continuance of Yasser Arafat, the world’s biggest terrorist, at its helm, is just insanity. Let’s face it, DAFKA, the Arabs are simply too primitive to make any viable lasting peace and until they adopt democratic principles and adhere to laws against violence as in any civilized society there can be no secure peace with them. Among their own, those who recognize this have feared to speak out for fear of their own safety. DAFKA, now that is changing.

Let the Arab world produce one viable democracy, with equal rights for women and where terrorists are jailed instead of given awards and laurels in place of Arabs who oppose Yasser Arafat’s fascism, then discussions can begin. When the Arabs are held accountable for their behavior, and their adherence to fascism and hatred against
Jews, only then will the Arab nation be able to move into the 21st century. After all, who brought back child sacrifice? Who stages public executions? Who names schools, libraries, and public institutions after mass murderers? Can you imagine if the US government named a school after Charles Manson? Most of the "martyrs" so idolized by the Arabs make Manson look like a piker.

Yes, here at DAFKA we don’t mince words. Arab murder is Arab murder. It hasn’t changed in 100 years. We don’t call it “Palestinian terrorism”; the word “Palestinian” reflects legitimacy to Arabs who really want Israel dismantled and Jews out of the Middle East at all costs, even of their own children and livelihoods, as well as a political act to achieve a  nationalist goal rather than what it really is: murdering Jews and those who support them. Arab fascism is Arab fascism, not a movement toward “national liberation”.

The world needs another Arab terrorist state like it needs a hole in the head. And even if
a “peaceful” one was created, it’s only a matter of time before a coup occurs and brings the world back to square one. And the word “peace”, so bandied about, does not mean capitulation and the dismantling of Israel. For to the Arabs that is what “peace” means. This isn’t about 6 million Jews “oppressing “ or dispossessing a few million Arabs. This is about a 250 million strong Pan-Arab Movement seeking to drive 6 million Jews into the sea.

The real apartheidists, the real racists, the real pro-Nazis, are the Arabs who use Joseph
Goebbels’  Doublespeak and Big Lie techniques to do just those things they claim to abhor. And, DAFKA, we will bring this to the world’s attention, one campus at a time. We invite you to explore our site and learn about PASSIA, the Palestine Academic Society For The Study Of International Affairs, and how they train Arab students and professors to infiltrate our campuses. Learn about the Saudis and their financing all of this just like they financed Bin Laden. And learn even about our own State Department and its complicity with what is going on and why. DAFKA, while we are strongly pro-American, is not afraid to criticize our own government for shady dealings with the Arabs against our own interests in the War On Terror. Learn just why the situation on our campuses is as bad as it is. Then join us, DAFKA, as we get “into their faces” and make a difference.

 Time for the Truth. 

Welcome. Join us. DAFKA.