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Taking Back the campus!

“Attack-the-IDF” tours have even left-wing NGOs alarmed in Israel.

Is it legal for a charity to fundraise to recruit gangs of willing anarchists to physically disrupt the military operations of the IDF in Israel?

This is actually being carried out by a so-called Pro-Peace “charity” that claims to fight for the human rights of all people— save those of people living in Israel.

The charity is called T’ruah and is led by Rabbi Jill Jacobs.  Formerly, Jacobs was at the helm of Rabbis for Human Rights, partner of Friends of Sabeel , a Christian wing of the ISM, that  offers tours of the “Holy Land” to grow the international BDS movement among churches against Israel.

Predictably, under Jacobs’ leadership, T’ruah launches attacks (from America) on the people of Israel with a viciousness that borders on anti-Semitism.

They do it through campaigns to destroy revered Jewish charities. They also do it by flooding the American public with anti-Israel propaganda that one could expect to hear in coming from any Hamas propaganda campaign.  

Not your classic rabbi, Jill Jacobs’ go-to cheap shot is accusing Jews of “stealing land” from Arabs, playing out the oldest anti-Semitic canard.  For example, she called the U.S. ambassador to Israel a “land thief,” then labeled Jews who legally purchase property from Arabs “worst kind of thieves in the Torah.”  

With these actions and hateful rhetoric, Jacobs and her T’ruah NGO gang are waging a “jihad” of their own against Jews and Christians in favor of Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas, PFLP and the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade.

It is not surprising, then, that T’ruah’s Israel arm, the Center for Jewish Nonviolence does the opposite of its name and created a special opportunity for America’s anti-Israel and Pro-Intifada community, to take a trip to the West Bank after training in “ strategic acts of noncompliance ,” including how to execute acts of real violence against IDF soldiers. 

During the week of May 14th – 21st, T’ruah’s Center for Jewish Nonviolence in Israel dispatched anti-Israel Jews to the South Hebron Hills to erect a protest encampment by using grants and donations made to T’ruah in America.


They call it the “Samud Freedom Camp” and activists illegally erected it on military firing line 918, also former home to the ISIS terrorists responsible for last year’s Sarona Market attack.  The reverberations  of that attack are still felt in Israel.  This fact, along with the camp’s dangerous location, made the site a security concern worthy of IDF monitoring.


In their own words, activists came to the West Bank to undergo training to “ throw their Jewish bodies in the gears of occupation by committing “ strategic acts of noncompliance ” against the IDF. 


However, reaching this goal requires first setting up a confrontation which by virtue of location was a fait accompli.

Once IDF soldiers arrived to clear the encampment, video accounts caught what “cultivating a practice of Jewish Nonviolence” looks like to these anarchists. Soldiers were greeted by belligerent agitators chanting “the whole world is watching” while training their iPhones on the soldiers’ every move. Jerusalem Director of T’ruah, Canadian Issac Rose-Kates, led the charge.

On videos he can be seen staging provocations, then turns to physically assaulting IDF soldiers - even grabbing at their guns during a demonstration while pledging to assist Palestinian goals.

It is clear from watching the videos that Rose-Kates is knowledgeable of IDF protocols prohibiting the soldiers from firing their weapons, even when assaulted. 

Not surprisingly, the group posted highly edited videos of these encounters, claiming THEY were violated by the soldiers. But the videos s conflict with such an allegation, as do testimonies from trip participants. Rabbi David Cooper reports being treated with “ kid gloves ” by the IDF during the same riot which activists report being “ punched ” with those same kid gloves.  

Manufacturing conflicts to exploit the IDF shows T’ruah is now taking a page out of the disgraced NGO B’tselem’s playbook in their mission demonize the IDF with staged events.

T’ruah didn’t come to the West Bank to help the Arab population, as they claimed. Rather, they came to exact a cruel insurgency against the IDF and all of Israel while chanting “We will stand with Palestine!”

This, too, was the observation even from the Israeli far Left.

A former director of Breaking the Silence came out to say that the Israeli Left was “uncomfortable” with “ the methodologies , of the discourse” of this tour of hate. 

Now, even the Left are questioning T’ruah’s true “intent.” 

Another far Left organization, Peace Now, also rebuked T’ruah’s delegation saying it doesn’t “see a situation in which one should refuse and break the law” during protests.


But T’ruah’s team have wanted a “solidarity” demonstration such as this for some time.  Last year, Co-chair Eric Solomon planned a trip with the same pro-terror, BDS merchants but also sought to include a stop to honor Arafat’s grave. When the rabbi’s trip was exposed, he was dealt an “ extraordinarily painful ” rebuke from his congregation in Raleigh, from North Carolina to Israel and back again.  At the time, Solomon blubbered that his “ heart broke as I listened to the pain my actions had caused ,” yet encouraged a matching itinerary nonetheless during later T’ruah meetings.


It’s possible T’ruah did their homework after Solomon’s disaster and decided to try a new model.

Perhaps this explains why they targeted to join Jewish Voice for Peace BDS activists, and those from other hate groups this time around. It makes sense - those with a frisson for anarchy and getting arrested while hell-raising at peaceful events all over America as a “Jewish” front group fit well for the program. Especially when your goal involves illegal “noncompliance” against the IDF that kicks things up a notch.


One couldn’t imagine a scenario where an everyday American Jew or any other sane person would sign up for this.


It’s no coincidence that the 2017 Jewish Voice of Peace Conference (another misnomer) was where the Center for Jewish Nonviolence marketed their program.  The conference was headlined by anti-Semitic firebrand Linda Sarsour and convicted terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh.  Sarsour has infamously Tweeted her desire to remove her critics’ vaginas Odeh is a PFLP terrorist who snuffed out the lives of two Jewish university students, showing not a scintilla of remorse. 


So, a program of “nonviolence,” meant to do good public works in Israel, is aligning its marketing with Sarsour’s and Odeh’s brand.


It may not be farfetched to believe Sarsour is an approved ally of T’ruah.. She takes selfies with Hamas terrorists. But T’ruah’s executive director, Jill Jacobs, is a Linda Sarsour super fan, recently appointing  herself as one of Sarsour’s “Jewish allies.” Never mind that nearly the only thing the American Jewish community unites on is their condemnation of Linda Sarsour.  

  As for publicly associating with Jew-murdering terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, T’ruah’s executive board met to confront this “problem.”  Apparently the group condoned her actions enough to co-brand themselves while selling this program.    Curiously, T’ruah decided not to participate in the controversial Women’s Strike in Washington D.C., in part because of Odeh’s association, but they did engage a key member of the Strike’s planning committee leader to head up their entire West Bank program as it’s Campaign Manager.  A shley Boher, who is also a chapter leader of Jewish Voice of Peace, takes to Al Jazeera to accuse the IDF of “ targeting ” LGBTQ Palestinians and accuses the entire whole of Israeli society of inviting the “ rape ” of women in Gaza. s someone who thinks like Ashley Boher really a manager who can carry out the mission to “ respect the importance of different group identities ?”  Not likely. uah’s executive team apparently shares enough of Boher’s views since they grant her such a prominent platform as leader of their project. And the board discussed “organizing” with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence during board meetings so they had to have known with whom they were organizing.


Indeed, T’ruah believed in the “Sumud” camp idea enough to secure a $10K grant for it from the Rockefeller Foundation in America which they must have applied for. T’ruah’s leaders were knowledgeable enough to disclose details of the project’s team and means to achieve its charitable purpose. 


Whatever its purpose, the agitators trained at the “solidarity” tour came back to the U.S. more unhinged and more emboldened than ever while some remain to continue the attacks.


Estimates suggest that around 50% of the130 attendees came from the increasingly obnoxious members of IfNotNow, another anarchist “Jewish” front group. During the 2 week period following their recent trip, the group disrupted an Israel event at a church in  Stockton, California. The event, arranged by Christians United for Israel (CUFI) was disrupted with “Hitler” banners (always increases the shock value when Jews do it) and had IfNotNow activists parading around with seven feet long “Young Jews Reject CUFI’s Anti-Semitism” scrolls.  

Then, at an FDIF event in San Francisco honoring the first soldiers to enter the Old City of Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War agitators blocked the entrance by holding a “vigil.”  IfNotNow is also keen to demonize Israel at non-related events:  On June 13th , activists draped a hateful banner from the Green Monster at Fenway during a Red Sox game.

So here in America, we can expect to see the effects of this current and succeeding T’ruah trips continue to bear fruits of hatred in our communities.


T’ruah’s Center for Jewish Nonviolence project merits investigation by the IRS, and perhaps by law enforcement both in the U.S. and Israel.

State Department Hiding Game Changer Report on Myth of Palestinian Refugees

Classified report could bust myth that millions of refugees need UNRW A


The State Department is hiding a classified report on Palestinian refugees that insiders say could be a game changer in how the United States approaches the situation and allocates millions in taxpayer funds to a key United Nations agency, according to multiple sources briefed on the situation.

As the United States moves forward with a decision to slash funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the agency responsible for providing education and support to some five million Palestinian refugees, officials on Capitol Hill and elsewhere have been pressuring the State Department to declassify a report that is believed to show the actual number of refugees is far fewer than the U.N. claims.

Multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told the  Washington Free Beacon that the State Department first classified the report under the Obama administration and still refuses to provide U.S. officials with the information despite laws mandating its release.

The report was described to the  Free Beacon as a potential tipping point in the debate over UNRWA and its mission, which has come under increased criticism in Congress for what many claim is the agency's anti-Israel bias and routine promotion of pro-terrorism doctrines.

Some State Department officials have acknowledged in private meetings that there is no reason the report should remain classified, according to sources who said the over classification is part of an effort to suppress this information from Congress and the public.

"I was informed that there is no justification for classifying the report. Rather, it is the officials at State Department who do not want this information out as it could and would lead to a call to reform UNRWA," said one source briefed on the matter.

While UNRWA provides support to some 5.3 million Palestinians they claim are refugees, the actual number could be closer to 20,000. This disclosure could fundamentally shift the narrative with UNRWA and lead the United States to consider cutting even more of its funding to the agency.

Currently, any U.S. official seeking to read the little-known report's findings must have top-secret security clearance and access to a secure facility containing the documents.

Revelations of this classified report's existence and the potential implications come as the Trump administration announced that it would slash UNRWA's funding by half, from $125 million to $65 million, in order to force the organization to implement a series of reforms.

UNRWA has come under fire from pro-Israel activists and some lawmakers for anti-Israel bias and complicity with radical elements of Palestinian society.

In addition to reports that UNRWA is using anti-Israel content in its classrooms, it has been caught hiding Hamas rockets in its schools on at least three separate occasions.

The U.S. report on UNRWA was first commissioned in 2015 by former senator Mark Kirk (R., Ill.), who was spearheading an effort to increase the organization's transparency.

Kirk forwarded a congressional amendment to require the State Department to provide Congress with a report on the number of refugees served by UNRWA who actually lived in the territory now known as Israel between 1946 and 1948.

The State Department never acknowledged having completed the report, sources said, and instead classified it.

"State had neglected to tell Sen. Kirk's office," said one source with knowledge of the situation. "It seems that this was intentional."

Once the report's existence was confirmed, Congress, in a 2017 measure, directed the State Department to provide an unclassified version of the report. This, too, was ignored, sources said.

The report is said to confirm that, as opposed to what UNRWA and its supporters claim, the number of refugees is actually in the tens of thousands, not the millions.

Richard Goldberg, a former deputy chief of staff for Kirk, told the  Free Beacon that the UNRWA effort was always about exposing the myth that there are millions of refugees who still require aid.

"This is about basic taxpayer oversight of an agency that gobbles up hundreds of millions of dollars ever year," said Goldberg, the author of the original amendment that required the report. "Are we funding a refugee agency or are we funding a welfare agency that nurtures a culture terrorism and violence?"

"There's a moral difference when it comes to U.S. policy and foreign assistance," said Goldberg, now a senior adviser to the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. "American aid for true refugees is one thing; American aid to subsidize a culture of welfare and terrorism is entirely different."

Pro-Israel advocates are now urging the UNRWA report be provided to the public.

EJ Kimball, director of the Israel Victory Project, a coalition of pro-Israel lawmakers, told the  Free Beacon that those under UNRWA's care should be compelled to admit they are not actually refugees in the technical sense.

"If the State Department is interested in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the number of actual refugees from Israel's War for Independence must be publicized," Kimball said. "For the approximately 5 million Palestinian Arabs in need of aid, they should be helped after acknowledging they are not refugees. By doing this, we can break the yoke of victimhood and oppression and give these ‘refugees' the human dignity they deserve. UNRWA has failed and it either needs to be drastically reformed or tossed into the dustbin of history."

The State Department declined to comment on the report or its status when approached by the  Free Beacon.

Adam Kredo is  senior  writer for the Washington Free Beacon. Formerly an award-winning political reporter for the Washington Jewish Week, where he frequently broke national news, Kredo’s work has been featured in outlets such as the Jerusalem Post, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and Politico, among others. He lives in Maryland with his comic books. His Twitter handle is @Kredo0. His email address is kredo@freebeacon.com.

The Palestinian Trojan Horse and Jewish


By Lee Kaplan, StoptheISM.com

Jewish news media was all atwitter with a news report about Camp Solomon Schecter in Washington state, a more than 60 year-old Jewish educational day camp, that states on its website that “Jewish camp can be one of the most rewarding and influential experiences a child has. A summer at Camp Solomon Schechter raises self-confidence, builds decision-making skills, improves social skills, and enables children to reach inside themselves and discover talents and abilities they never knew they had. These benefits last a lifetime - in fact, Jewish camping has been identified as one of the most important influences a child can have in building Jewish identity and commitment.” At issue was that the camp’s director and head administrator, Sam Perwin, chose to fly a PLO flag over the campgrounds for the world to see. This action was on the heels of several bloody terrorist attacks on Jews throughout Israel and Judea and Samaria including the Temple Mount that left several Israelis dead, both Jewish and non-Jewish, even an entire family, acts that were praised by the Palestinian leadership that such a flag represents.

A call to Sam Perwin, however, showed that decision-making and social skills from the camp’s director are sadly lacking. When asked in an interview whose idea was it to raise the PLO flag over the camp, Perwin immediately said arrogantly it was his alone, then he abruptly hung up the phone. He earlier said in other media it was suggested to him by the “Interfaith Peace Group” Kids4Peace, then changed the story again saying it was his idea alone, then again, the group’s suggestion.

Perwin ultimately apologized to the Jewish community, but was this sincere? Further research and a brief phone conversation with one of Perwin’s subordinates revealed Perwin did indeed make his decision during a visit to the camp by Kids4Peace. Perwin did so to promote “dialog”, he said, with a delegation of Muslim, Christian and Jewish children who visited as part of the Kids4Peace program. It seems unlikely that to Perwin, the idea of mounting a terrorist flag waved by Jew-killers over a Jewish day camp was an example of just how the Solomon Schecter camp’s director instills in his wards “benefits that last a lifetime.” But what Perwin has refused to recognize until this day was that he purposely allowed a Trojan Horse into a Jewish institution affecting Jewish youth to side against Israel for the future. Pro-Israel Jews fell into the trap of declaring this event as just another example of “liberalism” run amok among the Jewish community when the scenario is far more sinister.

In 2003 and 2005, the Palestine Solidarity Movement held conferences at Ohio State and Duke university where seminars were held and plans were conceived to drive a wedge between American Jewish and Christian support for Israel, formerly deemed unbreakable, to end the Jewish state. Attendees were told this was achievable by their activists joining Jewish federations, day schools (and day camps) and other Jewish functions to promote the idea of Israel as a human rights violator and promoter of “genocide” against Arabs, a result of the “occupation.” Such activists and groups would act as a Trojan Horse to set the tone from within and target especially students and the young so future generations of young Jews who would be opposed to a Jewish state in the Middle East. Anyone who has witnessed what is going on at American colleges can see how such a plan has been growing rapidly. Once fueled originally by Saudi and Iranian money, it now is swimming in money from certain philanthropic organizations that promote George Soros style “social justice,” such as the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Fund and the U.S. State Department. This “social justice” front even fooled the World Zionist Organization into unwittingly donating money to the BDS movement.

As for Kids4Peace, one might argue how anyone could be against children. But the PLO and Arab terror groups have always used children as the cover for their fundraising. The Holy Land Foundation trial that was the biggest fundraising scheme ever closed down by Homeland Security always presented itself as a charity for children when it really raised money for terrorists in Hamas.

Kids4Peace is no different.

If one looks at the leaders of Kids4Peace and its Board of Directors the concept of a Trojan Horse comes into view: The President is Diane Nancekivell, who is, along with her spouse, a major sustaining donor to Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) and has been so over several years according to the FOSNA newsletters. If one reads these newsletters, they are virulently anti-Semitic and filled with writings and lectures by ISM anti-Semites. The Anti-Defamation League, in a report to law enforcement, has described Sabeel as “…the “voice for Palestinian Christians” against Israel’s policies and has been a driving force behind various Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns against Israel, including those initiated by mainline Protestant churches in the U.S.” In 2013 and 2014, Nancekivell and her spouse were both listed as Sustaining Donors of Sabeel which is a Christian front for the Arabs designed to drive a wedge between American Christians and support for Israel. FOSNA is also a major part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) that organizes the weekly riots in the West Bank and promotes BDS worldwide. Sabeel teaches “Palestinian Liberation Theology” in U.S. Churches where Palestinians replace the Jews in the Bible and Jesus is said to be not Jewish but a Palestinian. Sabeel is fiercely anti-Semitic and spreads that message to all churches according to NGO Monitor.

Sabeel’s newsletter also has listed as guest speakers and workshop teachers various leaders of the ISM who call for Israel’s destruction such as terrorism supporter Ali Abunimah, Middle East Children’s Alliance’s Barbara Lubin, and many other virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups all of which promote BDS and always praise terrorism as “resistance.” Sabeel also receives funds from American Muslims for Palestine that the Investigative Project has stated is a front for Hamas. The list of similar funders and supporters, such as the anti-Semitic Marxist front group Jewish Voice for Peace, that are all calling for boycotts or the end of Israel as a Jewish state that “occupies” “Palestine” is endless.

With a closer look at Kids4Peace’s Board of Directors one finds Abi Raik who served for nine years also on the Board of Directors of World Vision. World Vision is an anti-Semitic Christian organization now accused of being complicit in funneling $4 million to Hamas, which they used to build tunnels to conduct terror attacks. Another board director, the Reverend Judith Stuart, leads Witness trips to the West Bank where she has tourists “witness” alleged abuse of the Arabs by Israel. Kids4Peace also has hosted as a speaker, board member Mae Cannon. Cannon was Director of Public affairs for World Vision during the time the West Bank chapter of the organization was taken over by Hamas. Cannon is now head of the anti-Israel Churches for Middle East Peace that actively also promotes BDS.

Then there is the question of money. Kids4Peace received a grant for $800,000 from USAID, the U.S. State Department, then another one for $77, 500 from the U.S. taxpayer-supported U.S. Institute for Peace. That’s just a few drops in the bucket for this moneymaking operation worldwide. Kids4Peace was founded in 2002 in Jerusalem.

When queried if Camp Solomon Schecter Executive Director Sam Perwin was given remuneration either directly or through a donation to the Camp by Kids4Peace, leadership at Kids4Peace stonewalled repeated inquiries. Perwin, who changed his story more than once about the PLO flag, also would not talk to reporters. At the same time, Kids4Peace founder, Yakir Englander, titled as Director of a “Dialog for Action” department of Kds4Peace, claimed the non-profit has no money despite nearly the one million dollars cited above and many other donors. He further stated that regarding questions of any money paid out to Camp Schecter, it was necessary to speak with Executive Director Father Josh Thomas, the current top leader of Kids4Peace. Despite numerous requests for information, Father Thomas would not respond even when asked to by the Kids4Peace founder himself. Father Thomas has been linked to other BDS movements. Despite this, Thomas managed to speak before AIPAC. In addition, Kids4Peace leaders like Englander have stated they see nothing wrong with Boycotting Israel.

These “Interfaith” front groups serve a purpose, not for peace, but to allow young Jewish kids to be indoctrinated with the Palestinian narrative so they will grow up and be opposed to a Jewish state described repeatedly as an “occupation.” That is the wedge between US support for Israel that the Palestinians hope to create and they are well on their way. There are enough Jews and Christians who are more than willing to help along in this subversive scheme for money, sinecures and prestige. Groups like J Street and If Not Now that all are also funded by the Soros bloc are making great strides with college students and the adolescent Jewish market. The Palestinian ISM leader in the village of B’ilin who leads riots every week against IDF soldiers and the security Barrier is a convicted terrorist killer named Basem Tammimi. He recently spoke before a group of third graders in upstate New York about an “Intifada” and at UC Berkeley sponsored by FOSNA. He was brought to the US with money and help from just this type of “interfaith group” that links to Kids4Peace.

Further evidence shows that the director of the Kids4Peace organization has led other anti-Israel indoctrination tours which also partnered with Holy Land Trust, Israel Committee Against House Demolitions, and directly with Sabeel, all ISM-linked groups promoting BDS. Sami Awad of Holy Land Trust, an ISM and Sabeel apparatchik is also active in this front group mix.

If anyone still has doubts about all this, they need only to look at a brochure put out by Kids4Peace that shows its leader posing with Siraj Wahaj, who is an unindicted co-conspirator in the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and has "preached that the bombing was a terrorist attack staged by the U.S. government and possibly Israel as a ‘conspiracy’ against Islam.” Englander and Wahaj pose arm in arm on the cover of the promotional brochure. This is the face of a non-profit that wants to create a “teachable moment” for Jewish day camp pupils at a young age.

Jewish schools and other places of Jewish learning need to stop this indoctrination and not simply claim it’s a liberal vs. conservative issue when it is subversive activity to bring down a Jewish state by misinforming future generations of young Jews and Christians. What better place to start than a in a Jewish day school camp that flies the PLO flag? The evidence is there and should be heeded for all concerned as it doesn’t bring peace, but is just more war by deception to end Israel as a Jewish state.

Sloan Rachmuth contributed to this report.